June 19, 2017

I hope all the Fathers out there were celebrated as well as I was. A big thanks to my wife and kids for making it a special day and weekend. It was much more than I deserved. It was fun to celebrate it with my 3 sons who are all fathers now. A big Happy Father’s Day to them as well. I think it may be time to pass that torch and celebrate them more next year! Dads are so important in the life of children and I hope that we never forget or underestimate their value. As much as we want to try to believe that men and women are the same and thus that they can fill those roles equally, we know that God’s design for the perfect family heavily relies on the man and the woman. This is not to say that single parents can’t do a great job, because we see many examples of that, but we know the job is easier and more complete when a child has their father and mother integrally involved in their lives. Don’t wait until next Father’s Day to tell your Dad how much you love him.
Over the weekend I was able to watch the movie, “The Shack.” I had not read the book but I know many people that have and some loved it. I had also heard there were some theological issues and indeed there were a few. I don’t have time today for a full review but let me give you a few thoughts about the movie. Overall I thought it was worth seeing. It was a sad movie in many respects but it was also one that did a good job of explaining why God allows evil in the world. It also does a good job of explaining how many of the issues we have with God are as a result of us trying to be the judge in life. We all want to judge what is good and what is evil based on our own standards. Life works much better when we allow God to be God and allow Him to be in control. It does not mean life will be easy because we are never promised an easy life. The movie also does a good job of making God seem much more personal and as someone that we can have a relationship with, as someone we would want to spend time with. Now I know many people will be immediately put off by the way God is portrayed. For most of the movie He is depicted as a she, a woman. There is a reason in the movie for this as it relates to the character who grew up with an abusive father. Later God is portrayed as a male and I understand why this is not very good theology. There are a few other spots where theological liberties are taken as well. In discussing this with someone they wondered if this might be an issue for those who aren’t believers. They probably can’t see which parts are correct and which aren’t so that can be a problem. They might come away with a better understanding of God but also with some ideas about God that aren’t entirely correct. Some believers might even be confused by some of the things depicted. I did think the movie was well done and could be a good experience. In the end I don’t know that I would recommend it for everyone to run out and see. If you have seen it I would love to hear your thoughts and whether you liked it or not. It definitely is a good discussion starter.

Don’t forget this coming Sunday night, June 25th, is the Passmore Benefit Concert @ 5:00 p.m. here at FBCWS. There will be a great lineup of musical guests and I hope you will come out and enjoy and support the cause! It will be a fun night.
Thanks also to those who helped this past Saturday as we began the transformation process for our fellowship hall. The work has begun and I am excited to see it as it unfolds over the next few months. Thanks to many of you who have already given or pledged to give to help support our 150th Anniversary and the process of preparing for the celebration in 2018!!