July 10, 2017

For most people I think Monday means a big UGG because it is the start of another work week. I like to think it’s a chance for a fresh start on doing what God has called me to do. I hope you’re refreshed from a weekend of worship!

I wanted to say a big thanks today to all of you who helped celebrate my birthday yesterday. In case you weren’t at church or aren’t “friends” with me on Facebook it was indeed my birthday. I had told my wife and daughter after our Father’s Day celebration a few weeks ago that I really wanted a low-key birthday with no gifts and just dinner. No offense to my wife, but after all these years she still doesn’t listen to me. But I did have a great time and I was very thankful for all the work that went into the birthday weekend. And even though I didn’t really want to make a big deal out of it at church, it was pretty cool to be able to be with my church family on my birthday, to worship God, to get to preach, and then to spend time with all of my immediate family except for my daughter Gabby and her husband, Patrick. I got to play golf with my son-in-law on Saturday and then my six-year-old granddaughter, Mya, planned a pre-birthday party for me. She had cake (helped by her Mom) and gifts and more. She isn’t overly affectionate so when she came up voluntarily to give me a big hug I was pretty excited. And then she sort of snuggled into my arm and said something like, I just want to stay right here for the party. That was when my heart pretty well melted. Of course, that only lasted about 15 seconds but it was nice. Then Sunday night, after dinner with the whole gang, my sons and son-in-law took me to “Top Golf” for more golf!! We even fought our way through a hail storm just to get there but we had a lot of fun. Too much great food but I indeed am a blessed man.

I have found the older I get the less I want to be reminded of it. But I also recognize the need to celebrate. In growing up, my parents always did a great job of making us kids feel special and birthdays were always a time of celebration. I tried to do that with my kids as well. I think celebrating life is important. We need those markers in our life that help to remind us of how precious life is. We need times to step away from the routine of life and just have a party. We find numerous times in the Bible, stories that revolve around parties and celebrations. I think God wants us to enjoy life and He wants us to recognize significant moments. I also think when we have a party we are preparing for eternity in Heaven. I believe Heaven is going to be the greatest party ever. When we celebrate here we have a small taste of what Heaven will be like. So even though I don’t like being reminded about how old I am, I do like to party. Thanks again. I love and appreciate all of you!

Just a quick reminder that Vacation Bible School (VBS) starts this coming Sunday!! What a great time to be able to share the gospel with lots of boys and girls. It is such an important time in their life. I pray that we will be faithful and that God will move in many lives!

I also want to wish my daughter, Gabby Short, a very Happy Birthday this Wednesday, July 12th!!

I am praying that God will give you a great week. Let me know if I can pray for you in a more specific way.