August 21, 2017

It’s great to be back on “Eclipse Monday!” One thing I realized is that only having one blog in the last 3 weeks has left me with a lot of topics to think about. Don’t worry, I’m not going to dump them all on you today. I hope your Monday is off to a positive and productive start!

I do want to talk briefly about the eclipse today. By now I’m sure you all know that today the total solar eclipse will cross the entire United States for the first time since 1918. So for many people it has become kind of a big deal. I was pretty excited about it and tried to talk Jennifer into driving up to Nashville or somewhere just to see the total effect but she had some excuse about having to work. Ha. And then I found out in just 7 years there is going to be a total eclipse right here in Texas so if I’m not here for that one just remind my wife that I never got to see it. What I find interesting is all the spiritual discussion in relationship to the eclipse. Jim Denison’s daily blog today is titled “Why today's eclipse matters after today.” He points out, “Our secular culture is convinced that science has rendered faith irrelevant, that we don’t need God to give our lives meaning and purpose. But today’s eclipse teaches us that we are not the masters of our world. All the accumulated power of our planet’s most powerful nation cannot prevent this blackening of our sky. For a few minutes, we will be shown that we are creatures, not Creator, that this world is not of our making or within our control.”

Eric Metaxas has an article on FoxNews.com called “Are solar eclipses proof of God?” In the article he gives math and science to help us realize just how amazing the creation of the earth is and how unlikely it is that something like this could just happen by accident. He says, “Three thousand years ago a man in Israel wrote: “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.” That man didn’t have a telescope or a Brittanica, but he saw something many of us today still do not see. He saw a God behind it all. It may be true that seeing a Grand Designer behind these breath-taking events requires what we call a leap of faith; but it may also be true that seeing mere coincidence behind them requires an even greater leap of faith. In my mind, much greater. But on Monday, you may be the judge.”

Garry Burt suggested a good analogy or parallel that he said I could use. Unfortunately my brain slept before I tried to write it down but there was a parallel between looking at the SUN from the eclipse and looking at the SON! So happy Eclipse Day! Be sure to take proper precautions. If you don’t have the proper glasses it’s probably too late. You can find online other ways to view it. I think I’m going to try for a picture. And just so you know, in Fort Worth the maximum eclipse will be at 1:08 P.M. today!!

More topics to come! I was thinking this morning about perspective . . . about how important little things seem until something bigger comes along. Hmmm. And I’m going to talk “Missions” and how most of us misunderstand what that word means. In fact, not only will you see that in this blog but those at FBCWS will be learning more in September. I also want to touch on the racial issues that have been sweeping our country but that is a very deep issue which will require more thought and prayer. Let me just say now that there is no room for hate. We are called to show the love of Christ to all people. It doesn’t matter what race they are, it doesn’t matter if they are Muslim or atheist, and it doesn’t matter whether they are unlovable or not. Those and more to come!!

I want to wish my wife Happy Anniversary tomorrow!! I thank God every day that He brought her into my life and I thank God every day that she continues to love me.

Have a blessed week!


P.S. Come join us this Sunday night at our home for a dessert fellowship! I’ll be making one of my all-time favorite desserts! Bring your favorite with you.