August 28, 2017

Good Monday Morning! I hope you are praying today for those in South Texas suffering under the effects of Hurricane Harvey. It is always more shocking when you see pictures and video of the widespread destruction. But as many have also noticed it is inspiring to see the number of people helping total strangers regardless of race or religion or economic status. It is in times like this that we often see the best in humankind. (And I’m sure we will see some of the worst as well in the form of looters and price gougers) But it makes me wonder if our nation will be forced to endure some form of external or natural disaster to keep it from tearing itself apart. The level of hatred and vitriol seems to have a reached a fever pitch and is out of control. As we pray for the Hurricane survivors may we also pray for our nation. May God use even this time of great social and civil unrest to bring glory to Himself. And may God use us to be a part of the solution. We are Nineveh and we need a great salvation revival!

I’m going to share something today that I shared with our Deacons on Saturday. This past Tuesday was our Wedding Anniversary and Jennifer and I went out to eat to celebrate and Jennifer took a picture and posted it on Facebook. And as people do, the “likes” and the comments came. We were a little surprised by the number of comments and the love expressed and the appreciation of how God had used us in many of their lives. There were so many personal notes and comments that came to us totally unsolicited. We had no intention of seeking out affirmation and yet there it was. We realized it was just a small fraction of the lives that God has allowed us to touch over the years. There were former church members from numerous different churches over the last 40 years, and former youth, and former co-workers, and former classmates, and current church members who all gave us a word of encouragement. We stopped and were reminded that there have been hundreds and thousands of lives that God has brought into our path and given us the opportunity to impact for the Kingdom. What a legacy God has already given us.

I reminded our Deacons that this is what we mean when we talk about Legacy here at First Baptist. This church and many of you have lived out a legacy over the last many years and many lives have been changed and impacted. And just like Jennifer and I are nowhere near finished in living out our legacy, we believe this church is also not done. But we have to build on our legacy and not just rest on it. We have to build tomorrow’s legacy today. For all of us, whether you are a FBCWS member or not, what we do today and every day is building our legacy.

Thank you again to all of you who wished us well on our Anniversary and for those who reminded us of how God has used us in your life. We are truly blessed and grateful. The journey has been worth it and we know God is still in the process of growing us to be more like Him. That is our desire for each of you as well.

Do you ever have a hard time falling asleep? Some people believe the best way to relax and fall asleep is to listen to some preacher drone on. I can now say this didn’t really work very well for me. Last night as I got into bed and was winding down I heard my wife listening to a sermon. It was in that moment that I suddenly realized it was my sermon from that morning. She had finally found the Facebook Live version and was listening to (thankfully) a brief part of it. I don’t really enjoy listening to myself and I can now say that it didn’t really help put me to sleep. But hey, it might help you! If not, this is just a friendly reminder that you can catch us on Facebook Live every Sunday. I always appreciate feedback (even less than positive comments) and hopefully you will find some sermons you will want to pass on to others. And worst case scenario there is always that sleep thing.

I am ON MISSION Today! Are You?