November 13, 2017

Since it is another Monday I decided to seek some advice on the internet about Monday Mornings. I found a list on ummm Pinterest (I’m not a Pinterest person – it just came up) that lists “16 Things Successful People do on Monday Mornings.” Let me walk through this quickly and you can decide if it’s good advice or not:

1. They wake up early. CHECK. OK, my upset stomach woke me up but hey it was indeed early so I’m taking credit for this one.
2. They exercise. CHECK. Kind of. I did get out of bed and I have exercise scheduled for later in the day.
3. They eat a healthy breakfast. UHHHH. I don’t think coffee qualifies.
4. They arrive early. CHECK. I got to work before 8:00 am soooo . . .
5. They clear their desk and desktop. NOOOO. Unadulterated failure.
6. They carve out time for unexpected projects and tasks. CHECK. I think this is in my job description somewhere.
7. They greet their teams and boss. CHECK. I texted my wife since she is out of the country.
8. They update their to-do lists and goals. CHECK.
9. They visualize the week’s successes. HMMMMM. Working on it.
10. They screen emails for urgent requests. CHECK. So far so good.
11. They tackle the tough challenges first. CHECK. That’s why I’m writing this blog now instead of later.
12. They make an extra effort to smile. CHECK. I’m smiling right now. Maybe they mean smile at someone else. I’ll work on that.
13. They add a “blanket of humanity” to their emails. OK, I don’t even know what that means so I’m skipping that one.
14. They’re able to say no. CHECK and CHECK. I can say No all day long!
15. They stay focused. CHECK. I am staying focused on finishing this list no matter how ridiculous it might seem.
16. They remember there is a Tuesday. CHECK. I’m trying to decide if this is a good one or not. We need to live today as if it might be our last. So I will let you decide how to feel about Mondays.

What you didn’t see in that list was any reference to God. They missed the most important part of Monday Mornings. They missed spending time with the creator of the universe. They missed spending time in reading His word and praying. They missed planning out your day based on what God wants for you to be doing. They missed that each of us should be On Mission TODAY!! We can be so consumed with the things of this world that most Mondays we tend to forget why we are even here. We forget our ultimate purpose in life. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good to be organized and on time and have goals and plans for the week but you can do all of that and still miss out on what is most important today and for the week.

Today I want to remind each of us that God is in the business of helping us overcome our fears with Faith. Paul Tripp has a good article entitled “The Worst Job Description Ever” which I would encourage you to check out. Paul says, “Much of what we do is propelled by fear, and not motivated by a sure and restful faith in the presence, power, and promises of the Lord.” I don’t know about you but as I look at my own life I often tend to go with what is safe or comfortable. But God has not given us a great Faith just to help us live a safe and comfortable life. His desire is for us to step up and dream big dreams and then be willing to step out of our comfort zone to make those dreams a reality. I am reminded of a comment made in last night’s sermon from our guest preacher, Dale Allen. He jokingly referred to people ducking under the pew to keep from responding to the pastor’s call to a particular ministry opportunity. In his article, Paul Tripp tells the story of how God used Ananias in the life of Saul. He says, “This story is a picture of what God is able to do through the willing obedience of one fearful believer. The Lord doesn't need you to be strong, because he is. He doesn't need you to be a hero, because he is the Hero of heroes. No, he chooses to send the timid into battle, and through them, he displays the power of his might and the glory of his grace.”

Timid? CHECK.
Unworthy? CHECK.
Fearful? CHECK.
Available and willing? That’s really all it takes to be used by God.
Used by God Today? My prayer is that you can say . . . CHECK!!
I am ON MISSION Today! Are You?