November 27, 2017

Good morning and welcome to Cyber Monday!! I am sure some of you have no idea what that is but basically it is Black Friday except online. You supposedly get great deals and free shipping and so on. I read that last year Cyber Monday sales were almost $3.5 billion. If you count Black Friday and Cyber Monday, shoppers are expected to spend an average of $967 each, up 3 percent from last year. I don’t think I have spent a penny yet but it is still early. Ha. We all know that more things aren’t really going to make us happy and yet we still fall into the consumerism of our culture. It is hard to fight against it. If you are a parent or grandparent and you don’t spend money on your kids and grandkids then you are viewed as a Scrooge or worse yet, as a grandparent you lose what I call the “Arms Race.” That is if you don’t keep up with the grandparents on the other side then you are viewed as the ones who don’t love their grandkids as much and you fear being the less favorite grandparent. Ridiculous right? And yet this is the game our culture sucks us into. And maybe you are married to someone who’s love language is receiving gifts and so if you don’t spend, spend, spend they feel like you really don’t love them. I’m sure I will have more to say on this topic before Christmas but in the meantime . . . there is this great deal on a 4K TV I need to go check out on Amazon.

In case you missed it, last Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, was the 54th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. I know that is a grim thing to remember and I don’t blame you if it wasn’t on your radar. But I was a young boy when the event happened and it still sticks in my memory. I remember watching the funeral on our old B&W TV. I remember as a kid what a huge thing it was. It seems like from the very beginning there were so many questions that never did get answered properly. The conspiracy theories began almost immediately. I can even remember watching a show where they tried to recreate the scenario of that same Oswald rifle fired from a tall stand at a car moving like in Dealey Plaza. They had several trained snipers try to recreate the 3 shots and even as a kid I remember them not being able to do it. That stuck with me and later in my adult life I read many books on various conspiracy theories. Probably too many. And I read books that asserted Oswald was indeed the lone gunman. To this day I go back and forth depending on what day of the week it is. Sometimes I am convinced there had to be a conspiracy. There are just too many things that don’t add up. Trust me, I could go into a very long list here but that isn’t the point of this blog. Then other days I say well sure it was Oswald. The simple answer is usually the correct one and if there had been a conspiracy it would have come to light by now. My daughter, Olivia, and I talked about this on the drive to my in-laws for Thanksgiving dinner. So yes, this is one of those mysteries that will probably never be solved. But it doesn’t matter which side you are on in the argument. Whichever side you are on you tend to think the people on the other side are a little crazy and are just not looking at the facts correctly.

Sometimes it seems like non-believers look at us like that. They think we are crazy or misguided or misinformed. Of course we understand we have the TRUTH on our side but the battle for their eternal soul will not be won by facts or evidence. Now I believe defending the gospel with facts is important but ultimately people will come to Christ when they see Him making a difference in our lives which then leads us to caring about them and their lives. At this point in time it doesn’t really matter whether Oswald was the lone assassin or if there was a conspiracy. It is an interesting mystery but it has no impact on my daily life. But the question of whether Jesus rose from the dead or not does impact my life. It changes everything about my life. And as it changes my life it should be evident to those I come in contact with. And here is where most of us lose it . . . it should also lead us to affect that other person’s life. They need to see that Jesus is real and who He said He was. How will they best see that? They will see it when we reach out to them in love. They will see it through reading God’s Word but the best way is by seeing and hearing us as we share how God has changed our lives!! Be Jesus to someone today!

I hope your Thanksgiving was a wonderful time of food and family and faith. Not necessarily in that order.

I am ON MISSION Today! Are You?


P.S. Hopefully this time next week I will get to share that Jennifer has made it home safe and sound! Continue to pray that she will finish STRONG her mission in Greece.