December 18, 2017

I know I sound old and I am repeating myself (another sign of old age) but is it really true that one week from today is Christmas? I vividly remember as a kid how excited I was when it got to this point in the calendar every year. Oh how great it is to be a child. The excitement and anticipation was almost more than I could stand. I could think of nothing else that last week except for how much I wanted Christmas to be RIGHT NOW! I knew I was going to have so many amazing presents that would forever change my existence. Wouldn’t it be great to go back to that time of innocence and hope and pure enthusiasm? I’m not sure it is possible to ever recapture that but God promises us a more lasting joy that far exceeds any presents we have ever received. What an amazing time of year!!
As promised from last week, today I want to share about some of the upcoming events that will be happening in the first half of 2018 here at FBCWS. I am excited about what God is going to do and my prayer is that each of these will not just be events on a calendar or some advanced version of business but that they will draw us closer to Him and His will for our lives.
The biggest event in January is our “31 Day Challenge.” This will be something I will share in detail during this blog next week and I will lay it out fully for you then. It is basically a challenge for each of us to rise every single morning during the month of January and we will all read the same chapter of Scripture each day. We will culminate this challenge on Wednesday, January 31st with a time of worship and celebration.
During January we will also be involved in our second “Block Party” and we will be kicking off a sermon series leading up to our OneCry event in March. Our Men’s Bible Study will resume on January 18th and they will also be studying in preparation for OneCry. We are hopeful our women will also follow suit.
Of course the big event in February is the 150th Anniversary Celebration for FBCWS on February 24-25. We would invite you now to come join us as we recognize a monumental moment in the life of our church. It will truly be a special weekend.
We are also going to be having a Paul Tripp Marriage Conference video series on a weekend in February. This is open to all who are married or hoping to be married. It will be a weekend event that will impact your marriage no matter how long you have been together.
The big event in March is without a doubt our OneCry Awaken Me Weekend on March 16-18. I pray that everyone reading this will set aside this weekend and come join us for what I believe will be a life-changing experience for us as individuals and families and also for us as a church. You will be hearing a LOT about this in the days and weeks to come but mark your calendar now and begin to PRAY!!
We also have the Singing Men of North Texas coming on March 8th and it will be a packed house to hear some of the very best gospel music in all of Texas. I know you will need to get here early if you want a seat. We will also have overflow seating in our newly renovated fellowship hall.
We also are hoping to schedule our third Block Party during the month of March!
The big event in April will be our Mission Trip to Athens #MissionAthens2018. We leave April 13th and will be gone for 10-12 days. This is an exciting opportunity to reach refugees with the gospel of Jesus Christ. We will once again be working in the mission center there and we will be out on the streets sharing the love of Jesus to people who are often exposed to it for the very first time. The exciting part is that we still have room for more people to go! So if you are at all interested please contact me and let’s see if we can make it work. We have done our best to hold the cost down so pray today about whether God would have you join us! We are looking for a few good men and women with a heart for missions!!
When May hits all arrows will be pointing towards Harvest America on June 10th. It will once again be back at AT&T in Arlington, TX and we will be hosting a live stream at FBCWS. What a great opportunity to be able to bring a lost person to an event where they will clearly hear the gospel message and be given the opportunity to respond. I hope you are praying even now about God using this event in our community and across the nation.
This is really just a small sampling of all that is coming in 2018. I am asking each of you to be praying for God to move as we are obedient to Him. All He asked is for our Obedience and for our Availability. I believe as we are faithful He will
May God Bless You and may 2018 be the greatest year in our lives and in the life of our church!
I am ON MISSION Today! Are You?
P.S. Congrats to Hope and Jon Blair, our newlyweds! Hope is our Children's Minister and Jon is our Singles/Young Married Coordinator! We thank God for them and we pray for their shared lives together and the family they form.