31 Day Challenge

Welcome to what I am calling the 31 Day Challenge!
I have a burden that we as people of God simply do not know His Word well enough because we don’t really read it. If we don’t read His Word then how can we Live His Word each day in our lives?
According to Pew Research, 60% of Christians wish they read the bible more—even though, on average, we have 4.4 bibles in our homes. Yet, only 25% read the bible four or more times a week.
So the challenge is very simple: I want us to read the Bible together every day in January. I want us to begin 2018 by reading the same chapter of Scripture every morning.
I want us to read each morning looking for God to speak to us through His Word. I believe God is going to honor this in our lives and in the lives of our families and friends. I believe this is the start of God reviving our hearts so that we may be His light to the lost and hurting around us every day.
Let me just add here that reading our Bible will not be easy during this month. Satan will try to keep you from following through on this commitment. Here are some ideas and tips when it comes to reading His Word:
- Don’t read it like a textbook. And don’t expect to totally understand every sentence. That’s OK. The important thing is to be faithful in reading and believing that God wants to speak to you.
- Do more than just read. Write down key thoughts that you encounter. Write down questions you might have or ways you can apply that chapter to today. And then pray, speak to God about what He is saying to you through His Word.
- As God reveals Himself to you through His Word be sure to share that with others. Let them know what God said to you that morning. Pass on what He is doing in your life.
There will be some additional helps along the way to keep you going in your journey. One thing I have committed to trying is to bring you a live video every morning through our church Facebook page. It will be a very short (1-2 minute) update or challenge and I hope it will be helpful. Be sure to get signed up on Facebook and follow our church page. Look for the first video to begin January 1st!
We will also have a theme each week that we will be concentrating on. The theme for the first week is simply “JOY!”
Here is the list of the chapters we will be reading. We will also be passing out bookmarks this coming Sunday during worship.
January 1 – Philippians 1
January 2 – Philippians 2
January 3 – Philippians 3
January 4 – Philippians 4
January 5 – Psalm 1
January 6 – Psalm 13
January 8 – John 1
January 9 – John 2
January 10 – John 3
January 11 – John 4
January 12 – John 5
January 13 – John 6
January 15 – Galatians 1
January 16 – Galatians 2
January 17 – Galatians 3
January 18 – Galatians 4
January 19 – Galatians 5
January 20 – Galatians 6
January 22 – Romans 1
January 23 – Romans 2
January 24 – Romans 3
January 25 – Romans 4
January 26 – Romans 5
January 27 – Romans 6
January 29 – Psalm 105
January 30 – Psalm 27
January 31 – Psalm 51
One final word: We will end our month of reading with a time of Celebration and Worship on Wednesday, January 31st @ 6:00 P.M. in our Worship Center. Stephen Passmore and our adult choir will be leading us along with special guests Andy and Theresa Hutchison. It is going to be an exciting night of praise and worship. We also hope you will come prepared to share a word of testimony of how God has worked in your life during the 31 Day Challenge.