June 11th, 2018

It’s Monday morning and like many Mondays it seems the world hits you full in the face and you sort of wish you could have gone back to bed. I get it. That’s sort of how my Monday has started. But then I am reminded of those millions of people around the world who woke up this morning with virtually nothing. They have no real bed and maybe it’s cold or wet or they are wondering where they will be able to find food to eat today. I am not dismissing my problems and concerns today because they are with me and very real. But when I am reminded of these others then my own struggles seem a little less severe. I am reminded to pray for them. As I mentioned yesterday and last week on Facebook I hope you will check out the movie called “Human Flow.” I watched it on Amazon PRIME but I know there are other places you can find it. It will help you gain a better appreciation not just of how desperate the refugee crisis is in the world today but it will also make you more grateful for how God has blessed you.
I also sit here on this morning between Harvest America yesterday and the US/North Korea summit tomorrow. These two monumental events that have nothing to do with each other and yet both have the potential for hope in our world. Greg Laurie preached the message of the gospel last night which is the message of hope. There were hundreds that responded and we are thankful. Their lives have been changed for all eternity. And there is also hope in the summit tomorrow. Hope for a future for not just Korea but for all the world. It is for sure a hope in physical safety which diminishes compared to spiritual peace but it is real nonetheless. Obviously seeing someone come to Christ is the most important thing in this life but I was reminded this morning that failure at the summit has the potential for war where millions of lives could potentially go into an eternity without any further opportunity for salvation. So this is important as well from an eternal perspective. Be in prayer today for our President and for all involved in these talks. Pray that God would move even there in the midst of evil to bring about His will.
In our daily Bible reading we finish up in Joshua today and tomorrow. Today’s chapter (13) is a dividing up of the Promised Land. It is a reminder of the danger of compromise. “The special concession of East Jordan to the two and one half tribes is a strong lesson for us against compromise, against being a borderline believer. God warns us against compromise. Compromising with the world is sin. Far too many of us lose sight of the promised land of heaven and begin to focus upon the world. We look at the world and see what it has to offer and we begin to covet.” We find ourselves longing for money and pleasure and comfort and excitement, and greed begins to set into our hearts. I wonder today how many of us are truly focused on God instead of making life here a little more comfortable and pleasurable. “By focusing upon the things of the world instead of the things of God, we compromise with the world. We accept a lesser inheritance, far fewer riches than what the promised land of heaven has to offer. We become entangled with the things of the world. We compromise and become selfish, covetous, and disloyal to God and to other believers, all because of our attraction to the world and its things.” I don’t know about you but I need to be reminded of this today. I believe I am probably not alone in this. I am praying for you that today you will be consumed by Him and for Him instead of consumed by the world and its pull on all of us every single day.
I also want to thank Garry Burt for his strong leadership in our local church simulcast of Harvest America. I think we all wanted to see more people and more decisions but that’s probably always going to be the case. Thanks to everyone else who pitched in and helped to make the event a wonderful outreach opportunity. We have more outreach opportunities coming including another Block Party scheduled for July.
This coming Sunday is Father’s Day!! Be sure to tell your Dad that you love him and are thankful for him. If he has been especially wonderful then buy him a great gift like a new car or something (that’s a joke). But yeah, treat your Dad nice. I wish my Dad was still around for me to tell him that I love him. Don’t miss out on giving your Dad a hug!
Be sure and check out our church calendar for a listing of events coming up. We have VBS and Children’s Camp and an Ice Cream Social and MORE right around the corner!!
I am ON MISSION Today! Are You?