June 18th, 2018

Mondays seem to have a habit of rolling around pretty regular and here we are again. My prayer is that your day and your week are off to a great start! If you started with some quiet time with just you and God then I know you are on the right track. And a little coffee never hurt anyone.
I wanted to give you a quick reminder about a new daily resource on our church web page (www.fbcws.org). We have added a page called “Truth for Life” which is a resource from Allistair Begg and his ministry. It provides an excellent daily devotional from C. H. Spurgeon and his “Morning and Evening” series which has been revised and updated by Allistair Begg. There is also a daily Bible reading provided from the McCheyne Bible reading plan. It has links that you can click on and read the Bible passage right there. It is very handy and convenient and easy to use. I hope you will take advantage of these resources as you make the study of God’s Word and a daily time with Him a key part of your day. Click HERE to go straight to the page on our church web site and then bookmark it so you can go right back there. You can also find it listed under “Ministries” on our web page.
In case you missed it we are in the middle of a 4 week series on “Suffering.” We have been talking about what trials are and why we have them in our lives. This coming week we will look at what we can do about them. I jokingly said a few weeks ago that I didn’t want to preach on suffering because God usually doesn’t just let me preach on a subject but He likes to fully immerse me in the subject. I’m like you, I don’t really enjoy suffering and I don’t want to experience any more than necessary but obviously we understand that trials give us the opportunity to grow and become more like Him. And sure enough, this morning I found myself in the middle of a couple of pretty significant trials. I almost hesitate to mention them because I know God could always add to the list. In reality I am experiencing what I mentioned yesterday in the sense that I don’t really want to be “under” these trials. I want them to be resolved so I can go on with life. And I don’t know about you but when I am “under” several trials at once I have a difficult time thinking and sometimes even functioning. That makes for some painful times when I am trying to write even something as simple as this blog and even more so when I am trying to study for a sermon. So here I am thinking about trials and preaching about them and God says it’s not enough to talk about them. I am going to bring you through some. So today, I am praying that God will show me what He is wanting to teach me and that I will be patient and pliable and obedient during this trial. We are going to give some steps to take during trials and one of those we will see on Sunday is to put your trust in Jesus. I am claiming that today and I am trusting Him with my trials. I know that even if they don’t work out like I want them to that I can still trust Him because He has something better for me. I am also praying for you today as I know I am not the only one going through trials. I know many of you are going through your own trial today as well and if I can help you get through it please don’t hesitate to ask.
Come join us this Sunday night for our Ice Cream Fellowship! Jonathan and our Youth are taking charge of this event and have some fun things for us to do . . . as if eating delicious ice cream were not enough!! It all starts at 5:00 PM this coming Sunday, June 24th.
I am ON MISSION Today! Are You?