June 25th, 2018

Here we are on the last Monday in June. It’s hard to believe the summer is almost half over and yet it’s not going to cool down for a long time. I pray your day and week are off to a great start!!
Today I want to spend the bulk of my blog on a long quote from Bob Goff’s book, “Everybody Always”, because it ties in with our series on suffering. Bob has a great way of offering encouraging words even on something like dealing with tough times in our lives. (BTW, I highly recommend both of Bob’s books) In this story Bob tells about flying his small plane and getting ready to land and he realizes he only has 2 out of 3 green lights on his landing gear . . . meaning there is no mechanical confirmation that his front landing gear is down. I’ll let you read his book to see how the story ends but take note of this section in the middle of that story.
We've all had circumstances like this in our lives. We bank on one thing happening and it doesn't. A job. A date. A bonus. An answer. A verdict. We're all waiting for more information, more confirmation, more certainty at some point. Sometimes anything more will do. We want clarity and instead we get confusion. We want answers and we just get more questions. We make terrific plans and then something unexpected comes up and they end up in a pile on the floor like dirty laundry. Perhaps we were hoping a door would open or another would close. We're hoping something we desperately need to end would be over, or something else we want to start would begin. All the signs pointed in one direction, then in an instant, something went wrong. The flight plan we laid out for ourselves took us high over the mountaintops, but the one we actually got flung us deep into the valleys.
In short, most of us want more green lights than we have. It's easy to forget that our faith, life, and experiences are all the green lights we need. What we need to do is to stop circling the field and get the plane on the ground. God doesn't allow these kinds of things to happen to mess with our heads; He uses these circumstances to shape our hearts. He knows difficulties and hardship and ambiguity are what cause us to grow because we are reminded of our absolute dependence upon Him.
God's plans aren't ruined just because our plans need to change. What if we found out God's big plan for our lives is that we wouldn't spend so much of our time trying to figure out a big plan for our lives? Perhaps He just wants us to love Him and love each other. Our ability to change is often blocked by our plans. Some people look for shooting stars or ladybugs landing on their noses as answers from God. Sure, He could communicate to us this way. But honestly, while these kinds of things have happened to me, they've never really felt like answers; they just felt like reminders.
I don't think God uses card tricks to get our attention. Rather, He gives us hopes and dreams and desires. He gives us tenacity and resilience and courage. He's made us good at some things and horrible at other things. He brings joyful, beautiful, fun people into our lives and a few difficult ones too. Sometimes He changes the trajectory of our plans by taking away what we've comfortably known and letting us fly through valleys that are deeper and narrower than any we've been through before.
Don't ignore the green lights you already have. What delights you? What fires your imagination? What fills you with a deep sense of meaning and purpose? What draws you closer to God? What is going to last in your life and in the lives of others? Do those things. They're your green lights. Most of us already have more lights than we need. Don't wait to join a movement. A movement is just a bunch of people making moves. Be a movement. Figure out what your next move is going to be, then make it. No one is remembered for what they only planned to do.
I like that, don’t ignore the green lights you already have. I would add, stop focusing on the green lights you don’t have. Make the most of the ones you do have in every area of your life. Do that today and I believe God will bless it and use it for your good and His glory!
There are so many things coming up and so many plans in the works that I really don’t have time to talk about all of them in today’s blog but I promise to touch on what is coming in the second half of 2018 and the first half of 2019 very soon! Take note of a couple of new things that you may not know about:
This Sunday, July 1st we are having a “Thank You Luncheon” that will be 100% FREE! It is our way of saying thank you for helping to support missions over the past year. As always, if you want to make a donation to further upcoming missions you will be able to do that but the purpose of our lunch this Sunday is simply to say how much we appreciate all your help and prayers! You have been a blessing to all who have gone! So make plans now to stick around after church and eat some delicious B-B-Q!!
Also, coming in July for Men and Women will be a new Discipleship series called “Experiencing God”! Actually it’s not totally new though it is new and updated. The original came out years ago and some of you may have gone through it then but even if you did I am positive you won’t remember and I am positive that you will be blessed if you commit to being a part of this new study. It is going to be intense and life-changing for those who are willing to jump on board and truly Experience God in a new and fresh way!
I am ON MISSION Today! Are You?
P.S. If you missed the Ice Cream Fellowship Sunday night you missed a great night of fun and conversation and ICE CREAM!