October 8, 2018

It’s Monday again and the weather is a little dreary outside and both my sports teams lost over the weekend and my fantasy football teams (ha) also lost so ummm yes, today would have been a good day to celebrate Columbus and stay home. But luckily for me . . . and admittedly it has taken longer than it should have . . . God has grown me to the point where my mood and outlook on life are not dictated by the weather or by my sports teams. I hope you can wake up today and still smile and rejoice because God is at work in your life!! And He has something amazing for you Today!! I believe that. I hope you do too.
This is October and for us that means Missions Month!! We started off yesterday with a look at what our Mission is and we all know our Mission is to GO . . . Go and Make Disciples. And we started the month off intentionally with a Block Party yesterday afternoon. This is an easy way we have planned to be involved in our community and to bring the Love of Christ to a particular area on that day. We have to be willing to set aside a couple of hours to engage and reach out to our “Jerusalem.” God hasn’t called us to Sit and Wait. He has called us to GO. We didn’t go very far yesterday but we went. And in reality Going should be much more natural than a planned Block Party. The Block Party is easy. Everyone can do that. But everyone who is a believer should be about the business of making disciples. That is a Command from Jesus. It is our MISSION!! All the other things we do are subordinate and hopefully supportive of that ultimate Mission but they cannot replace the Mission. At McDonald’s their mission is to sell hamburgers. Everything they do supports selling hamburgers. They greet you with a smile (hopefully) because they want you to buy more food. They have a playground because they know that attracts children which then attracts their parents to come and buy lots of Happy Meals a.k.a. FOOD! Everything they do is supportive of their end goal. We in the church need to remember our goal. The fellowship we have should be supportive towards our ultimate goal of making disciples. Even committees should operate in such a way that they are strengthening the core to make disciples. Everything we do must be geared toward our Mission. GO and Make Disciples. That is your Mission TODAY!!
This Sunday will be Week #2 in our Missions Month and we are fortunate to have a local Hispanic pastor who will be coming to preach for us. Pastor Ernesto Alfonso will be speaking this coming Sunday morning. And in addition to helping us think about local Hispanic Missions we have already been talking with him about the possibility of partnering with him and his congregation. I hope you will not just come and listen to a message this Sunday morning and be thinking about local Hispanic Missions, but you will also begin praying about the possibility of partnering with this Pastor and this group of people. Some of Pastor Ernesto’s congregation will no doubt come and join him this Sunday and I know you will open your arms and welcome them in Christian love. Our goal is to reach ALL of the community around us. You may not know this but according to recent demographic research the Hispanic population in the area around our church is approaching 40% of the total population and within 10 years it will undoubtedly be the majority. As a body of believers we have an opportunity to be a part of reaching every segment of our community and that includes those who speak a different language than we do. Again, be in prayer about this as we consider this possibility for the future of FBCWS. And be in prayer for Pastor Ernesto as he comes and speaks to us this Sunday!!
Do you know anyone that loves to ride a motorcycle? Come join us this Saturday, October 13th for our very own, first ever, FBCWS Motorcycle Road Rally!! Actually it’s going to just be a nice ride from the church to Possum Kingdom Lake and a stop for lunch and then an alternate ride home. I mean who doesn’t want to go on a ride with their pastor? Am I right? Plus you get to see Jennifer riding as well. Ha. Thanks to Gene Brooks for planning the rally out and for dragging Martha along for the ride as well. I’m going to have FUN! Come join me!! We will leave the church at 10:00am.
I am ON MISSION Today! Are You?