February 4, 2019

Good Monday Morning!! It’s supposed to reach 81 degrees today in Fort Worth. Hmmm. Last summer I kept hearing about all this snow we were going to get this winter. Ha. Aren’t you glad you don’t live in Chicago? It was a great day to ride this morning. I hope your week is off and running with God at the center!!

Yesterday I made the mistake of watching most of the most boring Super Bowl in history. I read there were 18 records set and many of them records for futility or as some of you prefer, great defense. It was the first time no touchdowns were scored in the first 3 quarters. It was the fewest touchdowns ever . . . one. For us old-timers Belichick and Brady became the oldest coach and quarterback ever to win the Super Bowl. So if you were a Patriots fan I’m sure you enjoyed every minute of it. If you were like the vast majority of the country it was a big waste of time . . . I didn’t even think the commercials were very good but maybe the game just soured everything. Ha. I hope some of you took advantage of the opportunity to invite someone over. We tried and ended up pretty much by ourselves. Maybe next year!!

We are in the second month of our 90 Days of Prayer and this week’s Facebook live video was on the 4th of our 10 commitments which is the commitment to Fast. We are asking that everyone not only fast once a month with us as a group BUT also we are asking everyone to fast once a week on your own. You can fast from the internet or social media and/or from food or whatever you choose. Let me give you my reasoning why I think fasting from food is the best one. It’s very simple . . . because it is the toughest one for most people. Now for me it would be much tougher to fast from something like my phone or my computer (I wouldn’t be doing this right now and it would be pretty tough). But I understand why for most people giving up food is a big deal. We have been conditioned since birth that we need 3 meals a day. In reality that’s not true either but our bodies are so conditioned to that it becomes difficult when we go longer than 4-5 hours without food. Trust me, I get it. I love food too. I believe God made us to enjoy food. I heard someone say that God could have just made food very bland and tasteless and something we just consumed to keep us alive but he didn’t. He designed for it to be enjoyed. The Adversary is the one who has come in and perverted it. But eating is important and enjoyable. And that is why again I believe it is the best one to fast from. Fasting at the heart should be a sacrifice. I think if it was easy we would lose much of the benefit. It should be a little difficult. It should also be something that frees up extra time to pray that day. Now some of you want me to tell you how long to fast and what to fast from and so on. If you can only fast for one meal that day . . . great! Start there. If you can fast from sun up to sundown then even better! I try to fast for 24 hours but I also drink coffee during my fast. Some people think that is cheating. Ha. The point here is not to be legalistic about it. The point is to sacrifice and pray. Pray for your family. Pray for your church. Pray and hear God as He speaks to you. So let me encourage you. Fast this week. Just try it. Let me know how it goes! I’m praying for you.

Just a reminder that this coming Sunday we will begin our “Building a House of Prayer” initiative with Dennis and Betty Jo Conner. I am very excited about how God is going to use them right here in the heart of our 90 Days.  We will meet together at 9:45am this Sunday in the auditorium for our first of 5 sessions. I hope that you are already in prayer for this coming weekend. I hope you have set aside Sunday morning and Sunday evening and Monday night and Tuesday night to join us. Sunday morning the times will be as always. Sunday night we will meet from 5:00-6:30pm (no food). Monday and Tuesday night we will meet in the Fellowship Hall and we will begin with a meal at 6:00pm followed by our study from 6:30-8:00pm. Let me just say that I believe you are going to be amazed by what God is going to teach you about prayer if you come for all 5 sessions. I have seen the material and I will just say prepare yourself for a blessing!!

Last Word: Continue to pray for my pastor buddy, Archie Norman. He suffered a major heart attack on Saturday but the latest word I have received is that he is improving and may get to come out of ICU today. #keeppraying

I am ON MISSION Today! Are You?