March 28, 2016

What a beautiful Monday morning after another wonderful Easter Sunday. How great is it to be able to celebrate the resurrection together as a body of believers. I don’t know about you but today seems a little brighter and life seems a little sweeter. May we carry that with us every day throughout the year.
My sweet wife left me with a quote from Paul Tripp this morning (as she frequently does) and he reminds us to “Get up and face life with courage because, as God’s child, you have not been left to the limits of your own strength and wisdom.” Let that be a reminder of how precious today, even a Monday, can and should be. I was reminded of this last night as we watched an episode of “60 Minutes” that highlighted the work of the “Make A Wish” Foundation. I’m not one who usually likes to watch stories about people who are suffering and usually I say it’s because God didn’t give me the gift of mercy but in reality it is because my heart aches when I see those stories and many times they are situations where I can do nothing to help. In one of these stories they highlighted a boy whose wish was to go to Australia. They recorded his precious shock when he found out his wish had been granted. They followed his trip and his fight with cancer including going in for a bone graft for the third time. They also recorded that at the end, his struggle was not enough, and he passed away at a very young age. I was again reminded that I cannot help him. He is gone. But maybe there are others we can help. There are hurting people all around us who need a touch and God has placed us here to be His hands and His feet. I was also reminded of just how short life is and how precious each day should be. Somehow God keeps reminding me of this so I pass it on to you. Don’t waste today. Use it for His glory. Don’t put off telling your spouse or children that you love them. Don’t wait to do a kind deed for someone. Don’t say, tomorrow I will allow God to use me. Do it today.
This coming Sunday is what I am calling “VISION Sunday.” No we are not doing eye exams (though I need one). We are going to lay out a vision for where God is moving us as a church. He has put us here for a reason and we are uniquely gifted to accomplish the mission He has given us. Come join us this Sunday morning as we begin to dream about what God wants us to do. The vision is something that will require work and sacrifice and a willingness to trust God. It will not be easy but I am asking each one of us to be a part of something bigger here at FBCWS. For those of you who get this blog but don’t come here I would ask for your prayers. Pray that God will use this church here in this location for this time in history. The truth that you will see this Sunday is that the vision has to start with the individuals within the body. No matter where you are or what church you attend, God wants to use you today. It’s not about “bless me God” and “give me more stuff God” and “make me feel better God” and “oh Lord won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz.” It’s about God working in your life to be a blessing to others. Is God working in your life? Is He growing you and changing you to become more like Him? That’s a little taste of where we are headed as a body of believers. Join us!!
P.S. Thanks to those of you who prayed for my mower. As I said last Wednesday, I’m not sure if God wants us praying for lawn mowers but in this case I thank you because it started on the very first pull. So for those of you who prayed for that . . . I have some more important things on my prayer list for YOU!