February 8, 2016

It’s the Monday morning after the Super Bowl and the world is still spinning. I hope your Monday is a day of opportunity for you to share the love of Christ!
Speaking of the Super Bowl . . . it is hard not to talk about it a little today. By now we all know what a major cultural phenomenon that the game has become. I read some interesting facts about the Super Bowl (SB):
     • Peyton Manning became the oldest quarterback ever to win a Super Bowl (39). The second oldest was John Elway (38), who also won for the Denver Broncos.
     • Manning is also the first quarterback to reach the game with two different teams.
     • For the first time, two quarterbacks who were number-one picks in the NFL draft competed against each other in a Super Bowl.
     • The age gap between Manning (39) and Carolina quarterback Cam Newton (26) was the largest in Super Bowl history.
     • Over the last fifteen championship games, the favorites won only three times.
     • A thirty-second Super Bowl ad cost at least $5 million.
     • Around 170 million people worldwide watched the game from 180 different countries.
     • People eat more food on Super Bowl Sunday than any other day of the year except for Thanksgiving. Around 90 million pounds of chicken wings were eaten yesterday.
So now that you know more about the Super Bowl than you care about what does it mean for us? I think Garry Burt nailed it yesterday when he said that we would be more likely to invite someone to a Super Bowl party than we would to Harvest America (an evangelistic event being held at AT&T Stadium March 6th – simulcast at FBCWS). I was thinking about that even as I watched the SB. Why? I guess to some degree that is easy. The game seems like more fun. Almost everyone else is watching it and talking about. It’s all about the food and the party with family and/or friends. But then I thought about Harvest America. It will be fun as well. We plan to serve food here as well (just wondering if we could serve wings – ha). I see Harvest as almost a party but there is one huge difference. That difference is this party (Harvest) has eternal ramifications. The SB is over and Denver gets to celebrate but the party we are hosting could mean an eternal celebration for those who come. I hope you are working on those Harvest invitations even today!!
I wanted to quickly touch on an announcement we made yesterday. I will give more details in the weeks to come but let me just give the basic idea today. We have decided to take advantage of a unique opportunity to go to Poland on a Mission Trip. We are obviously excited about it. We see this as a celebration of our 35 years in ministry. We will be gone about 4 weeks which is the longest we have ever been away from our church since we began in ministry. I am asking today that you partner with us in prayer. Our hope is that God will be the central focus and that we will be used by Him wherever we go in Poland and in our various other stops throughout Europe. I mentioned yesterday that we are definitely doing this trip “on the cheap.” Ha. We will be staying with family as we minister in Norway and we will be staying with missionaries in Poland. We will also be ministering in various other cities and doing some sightseeing as well. We have also shopped for the cheapest air fares throughout our journey to keep the cost down. I mentioned this to my son-in-law, Patrick, who is a pilot. He said, would one of these happen to be “Easyjet”? I laughed and said yes. At least one flight with Ukrainian Airlines didn’t work out. Whew. We leave May 15th so again I ask, will you commit to pray for us? Without prayer I know our efforts will be in vain. More to come.
It was great to see my daughter, Gabrielle, and her husband, Patrick, over the weekend. We miss them and it was great to spend a couple of days with them. But it was good to be back home and with our church family Sunday. How was your weekend?