December 7, 2015

Mondays are always better when it’s a beautiful day like today! I am praying your week is off to a great start. Hopefully you aren’t too stressed by all those gifts you still need to buy or all those Christmas decorations you still need to put up (and if yesterday’s informal poll is any indication a LOT of you still have some work to do). Just remember that it’s OK to put some effort into a good celebration but don’t forget why you are celebrating.
My wonderful wife left this note for me today. It is a quote from Paul Tripp: “No one knows you more deeply than your Savior, so no one offers you help form-fitted for your deepest needs like He does.” Amen. What a great quote about how God is truly the one who is there for us. Sometimes we all forget that and we look to other people or other things to try to meet our needs. But God knows us and He knows exactly what we need. I pray that today you and I will learn to lean on Him instead of ourselves.
What a wonderful time we had last night watching our Adult Choir and Drama Team perform their Christmas Musical. The choir sounded amazing and the music was glorious. The drama team was especially entertaining with a story that was fun and inspirational. Thanks Stephen Passmore for putting it all together. I also wanted to give a special “shout out” to Rhonda Ferguson for her performance in the lead role. She really did well and all this in the midst of caring for her father in the hospital. I know it was very stressful for her but she did great!

Be sure to join us this coming Sunday night as our Children’s Musical is presented at 5:00pm. I know it will be fun and enjoyable on many levels. Thanks Colleen Dow for picking this up and leading out with our children!
Let me just put in a reminder here to be sure to support the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. This is how most SBC missionaries are able to stay on the field around the world. Make sure you continue to support your local church with your tithe FIRST but then give as God has blessed you to help spread the gospel around the world.
Come join us this Sunday as we finish up our series on 100 Happy People. I hope that God has used this series in your life to begin making a difference in the lives of those you come in contact with each week. Our goal is to go the extra mile. To brighten the day and lighten the load of those we meet each day. As we become that positive influence in their life then God can begin to change them AND us.