March 7, 2016

I hope you are excited about the life God has given you as you begin this new week! It is a joy and privilege to be alive and still able to praise His name. May God bless each of you today as you serve Him!!
Harvest America!! OK, this is the last time I will touch on this topic for a while. Ha. But I wanted to give you a report on this event which happened just a little over 12 hours ago. We had a great crowd at our simulcast and we had 5-6 decisions at the end. Final numbers are still being tabulated but it was a great night. The food was simply amazing and all the preparations were unbelievable. Despite a few technical difficulties the night was a great success for the Kingdom. Let me say a HUGE thanks to Garry Burt for the countless hours he spent in planning this event. I know he has to work today but I hope that mentally he is getting some much needed rest. I also know that his goal is to make this event bigger and better every year. I think that was accomplished this year. I am sure he is already thinking about what we can do better next year. (Speaking of those technical difficulties . . . if you want to donate some money for new computer/video equipment we won’t turn it down.smileyface) I also want to thank Gayle Libby and Judy Walker and Colleen Dow and so many other volunteers. I can’t list all of you but I know God sees and your reward in heaven is far greater than a shout-out from the pastor. I just got an anecdotal report from someone who was at AT&T stadium as a counselor last night. They said that not only was the stadium full at over 100,000 people but that there were an estimated 10-20,000 more people outside who could not get in. They also said they didn’t know the final count on decisions but that over 11,000 bibles were given out. We were one of the over 6,000 locations that were hosting a simulcast and there were over 11,000 homes that were streaming the event as well. One can extrapolate from that and guess that probably over a half a million people were most likely tuned in live. The music was very powerful and I know for me I was especially moved by MercyMe. I know not everyone liked every group or individual that performed but I am confident each of them was up there doing their best for the glory of God. And ultimately that is what the event is all about. May God be glorified by everything that happened last night. And may it be a springboard for us and an encouragement to know that there are many others out there who love God and want to serve Him. Our mission is to make that known to all people. As Lecrae quoted from Romans 1:16, “I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes.” May we never be ashamed of Jesus Christ but be willing to shout the gospel from the mountaintops!!
Let me just throw in a little word here about social media. I want to thank Hector and Alishia Patino for their help in keeping us on top of our presence online. Let me remind you that you can check out our web site at www.fbcws.org. If you see info that needs to be corrected please let us know. You can also find the church on Facebook but you have to search using the entire church name. Hopefully we have eliminated all duplicates. Hector and Jason Ferguson also just set up accounts for the church on Twitter and Instagram so look for more info on how to connect and keep up with us through those as well. As most of you know, I am on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and others as well. I use my account as a personal account but I would love to have any of you as FB friends or I will follow you on Twitter or Instagram if you follow me. If all of that is just Greek to you then don’t worry about it. We want to be as visible as possible and these are all just ways to make that happen. So help us out and spread the word whether online or in person!! God loves you and we want to as well. So give us a chance!