January 22, 2018

“It's just another manic Monday, I wish it was Sunday.” Some of you know where that comes from but it feels a little “manic” for me today. I hope your Monday is off to a good start and I am praying that God will use you in a mighty way today. Remember Romans 1:16, “I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes . . .” Don’t be afraid to tell someone about how much you love Jesus today!!
Today I want to talk a little about “social media.” OK, some of you have stopped reading already and that’s OK because honestly if you use social media you probably don’t need this and if you don’t I’m probably not going to convince you but I’m going to try. How many of you have a smart phone or computer or tablet? If you have any of those then you can be on social media and I will make the case today that you “should” be on social media.
But let me start with a warning about the evils of the internet. There are plenty of people out there who can and will take advantage of you via the internet. If you are a senior adult you are especially targeted. I have some family members who were scammed out of thousands of dollars. Let me just remind you to never ever send money to someone you or your family don’t know. A good rule to follow is an old one, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” So just be careful. But let me add that just because something requires that we be careful does not mean we can’t still use it. We have to be careful when we drive our car because we can die in a heartbeat but we still get in it every day because it is useful and benefits our lives. This is the way I believe we should view the internet and more specifically “social media.”
By Social Media I am referring to Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and the list could go on. But basically these are places where we share our lives with other people (that we know) and where we can interact and build relationships and share photos and information, often times with people who are too far away for us to visit on a regular basis. Again, there are abuses. You can’t use Facebook as a substitute for real life relationships and in our culture today that is happening more and more. But again my personal belief is that we have to be “wise as serpents and harmless as doves.” I can remember one church I went to that didn’t allow shorts in their gym. I was shocked. Not even knee-length shorts. Why? Because who was going to tell someone their shorts were inappropriate? I raised my hand and said “I will.” And eventually we changed the rule. We cannot live in fear of what might happen.
There are so many good resources that you might be missing on social media. I love seeing pictures of my grandchildren and reading stories from friends and being able to pray for many of you who post online and reading great quotes and seeing some wonderful videos. I can remember when my wife, Jennifer, wondered what she could possibly do with a smart phone and how she didn’t really need it. I laugh now because she uses it in amazing ways to keep up with so many people and part of that is through social media. OK. Enough for today. Oh wait, did I mention that if you’re not on Facebook you have been missing my “31 Day Challenge” videos every morning? Ha.
Don’t forget about our 150th Anniversary Celebration coming February 24-25.
I also want to wish my baby girl, Olivia, a Happy Birthday as we celebrate with her this Thursday!
I am ON MISSION Today! Are You?
P.S. Remember when you thought you didn’t need email either?