September 10, 2018

It’s a busy Monday morning during a busy time of year. Summer is over, school is back in session and football season has begun!! I hope your Monday is going well and your week is off to terrific start.
I was thinking this morning how much of an information overload we all experience in an ongoing deluge throughout every day. I can remember as a kid learning from my parents and through books I would read but the large part of any news I was exposed to was that 30 minute evening news on TV. If I wanted to know something I asked an adult or went to the library or just wondered in my head. In today’s world I just quickly google and I have tons of answers within seconds. I am deluged not just with having information available but having information funneled to me through radio and TV and email and text and social media and through the internet. On many days I enjoy sorting through all the information to find something interesting to read and to pass on. But often it is almost too much. I often wonder how much time is wasted just unsubscribing from emails (Ha – some of you may be feeling that way about this blog about now). I freely admit that I am oversaturated with political news and just want to tune it all out. But I still find other articles that reaffirm my faith even in a very secular world.
One article I stumbled onto was a non-religious one with the lengthy title of “Exercise, Eat Well, Help Others: Altruism's Surprisingly Strong Health Impact.” And then the sub-title was “The benefits of giving rather than receiving are more than just spiritual.” Now most of you know that I am a big proponent of exercise and eating properly (though I don’t always follow my own advice). But what I found interesting in this article was the recognition and affirmation of the principle of doing for others as being beneficial for us. It is the idea that helping other people can also have physical benefits for the giver. We are in the middle of a series about “Selfishness” so this caught my attention. In reality our series probably should be more along the lines of “Do more for others and less for yourself.” It should not amaze us (though it often does) when the world affirms biblical principles as being healthy and good for us. The Bible teaches us not to focus on self and to do good for others and when we do we are living a life that is in obedience to Christ. But guess what? Not only are we living in proper obedience which brings about spiritual health and well-being but we are also benefitting on a physical level as well. I don’t want to quote the whole passage but take some time today to look at Luke 6:27-38 and let God’s word challenge you!
I hope you will come join us on Wednesday nights over the next few weeks as we are looking at the topic of “Discipling.” Good disciples disciple others. How do we get there? It is such a fundamentally important topic that I really hope more will join us. One of our key, foundational things that we need to be doing is making disciples. This study is designed to help in that process. I hope to see you at 6:00 PM on Wednesdays in the Chapel.
I wanted to take this opportunity to wish a very Happy Anniversary to my son, Micah, and his lovely bride, Amanda. Today is their wedding anniversary. We have been blessed to be able to call Amanda our daughter and we are thankful for God bringing her into our family.
I am ON MISSION Today! Are You?