July 9th, 2018

It’s another amazing Monday and I hope you feel like I do today! I am thankful to be alive and I am grateful for all God’s blessings in my life. He is better to me than I deserve. I again was thinking this morning how much easier it is to thank God and proclaim his blessings when things are going well in my life. It’s not like my life is 100% all positive but its good right now . . . today. Ha. So yes, it is easier to be thankful. I know many of you are struggling today and so I join you in praying that you will be able to be grateful even in the midst of whatever you are going through. The great part about storms is that they always pass. They may be long and tough but there is always sunshine on the other end. Sometimes things appear more terrifying than they actually are because we have such limited information. The other night there was a huge grass fire right behind our home and when we first went back there and saw it we were stunned and a little terrified. It looked like it was at least a half-mile long and it was on a ridge a couple of hundred yards from our house and it was roaring 10-20 feet up in the air. We grabbed the water hoses (I know a futile effort but we weren’t going down without a fight) and began watering our fence and the grass behind it. What we didn’t fully know was that the fire was long but not very wide and was simply being spread out by the high winds. And though we knew the Fort Worth Fire Department was there we didn’t know that they were preparing to respond with a large force. In fact about 10 minutes later we saw the first grass truck emerge and soon there were at least 10 brush trucks back there and the crisis was under control and out pretty quickly. But we couldn’t see that with our limited view. All we saw was a big fire really close to our house. Our lives are like that many times with “fires” flaring up and then going out very quickly but they seem huge in that brief moment. Others are longer but God is still in control. I’m praying that God will give you an attitude of thankfulness today even if all you are seeing is the Fire!!
Last week I saw this acronym in several different locations and posted by several different people but I thought it was really good and so I want to share it with you today in case you missed it. It is the acronym for T.H.I.N.K. Before we open our mouths and before we say something to someone or about someone we should run through this acronym in our mind.
T = Is it Truthful? Is what we are saying actually true? In today’s world of fake news we need to make sure we check our sources on everything. When you spread a rumor have you really stopped and figured out if what you are sharing is really true? This should be step one in anything we pass on.
H = Is it Helpful? Is it really going to be helpful if you share that story or that information? If not, then keep it to yourself. Seriously, you know you don’t have to tell everything that comes into your ears or eyes right?
I = Is it Inspiring? Does it build people up and encourage them and inspire them to do better and to be better?
N = Is it Necessary? Does that person really need to hear that? Is it really necessary and needed? What if you didn’t share this info? It should only be said if it is absolutely 100% important and necessary.
K = Is it Kind? Oh how many messes we could keep ourselves out of by just being kind. Most people are kind most of the time but when someone angers us or offends us or attacks us, kindness goes out the window. When someone cuts me off in traffic I’m pretty sure kindness is not my first response. I wonder how many problems could be avoided if we just followed this last one?
Relationships are tough enough already. Let’s all stop and THINK before we speak. I believe our homes and our businesses and our churches and our country would be a lot better off if we did!
It’s Vacation Bible School Week!!!!! GAME ON!! If you have children or grandchildren be sure they are in VBS this week. We will be meeting 6:00-8:00PM, Monday through Friday this week. They gave me a whistle and I plan to use it. Ha. We will have a great time this week and our children will learn more about Jesus. What more can we ask for?
I am ON MISSION Today! Are You?
P.S. Thank You to all of you who have wished me a Happy Birthday. I told my family I don’t mind celebrating the day but I’m not celebrating the years anymore!!