Pastors Blog
David Hixon

April 24, 2017

It seems like life is often very uncertain and always changing. I just read that over the weekend, Erin Moran, who played Joanie on the 70’s TV show Happy Days, died at the age of 56 from an apparent Heroin overdose after living her final days as a homeless person. “The death of a Happy Days star feels like a sign of the times, but there's more to the story.” Maybe that’s why we cling to things the way they are and resist change so much. It seems that with so much changing around us we want to try to hang onto our little piece of life that stays safe and unchanging. But in reality that is a fool’s errand. We can’t keep life from changing. We can’t keep our children from growing up. We can’t stop our hair from either falling out or going grey. We can’t stop our prized possessions from slowly deteriorating and eventually turning back into dust. We try to protect our families and our possessions but even that is uncertain and fragile. This past week two of our children had health scares. It happens. Recently one of our grandsons broke his leg. That is life invading in on our desire for predictability. I mentioned yesterday about investigating ways to keep someone from stealing my motorcycle. There are lots of things that can be done but ultimately there is nothing that is foolproof. If they want it bad enough they will take it. You can eat as healthy as possible and work out every day and yet it does not mean you won’t have health issues. You can be in perfect health and tomorrow you find out you have cancer or you step out in front of someone texting and driving.

At this point some of you are saying well I’m glad to see David is picking a cheery topic this week. Last week it was “drama” and this week its worse. But the point of all of this is a reminder. We need to make the most of today. Ephesians 5:15-16 says, “So be careful how you live. Don’t live like fools, but like those who are wise. Make the most of every opportunity in these evil days.” We are supposed to do our best in living wise lives. That means we do eat healthy and we do exercise and we do get enough rest and we don’t text while driving and we do all those wise things. But we also understand that evil is with us. And because of the evil in this world there are bad things that will happen. And therefore we are called to make the most of every opportunity. That means we take time to love our family and appreciate our spouse. We spend time and invest in the lives of others. We also make sure that we are pursuing things that will matter for eternity. We are living each moment with the understanding that it needs to be used for God’s glory.

I also read an article called “10 Simple Steps to Make the Most of Every Day.” It had some good, non-religious suggestions about living each day. I think all of them are pretty good suggestions and worthy of probably doing. But ultimately living each day comes back to a reliance upon our Faith in the one true God. As Jim Denison says, “If you're a Christian, the most pivotal decision you'll make today is whether to view your faith through the prism of your world or your world through the prism of your faith. The former limits divine omnipotence to human finitude; the latter says boldly to God, ‘I know that you can do all things’ (Job 42:2).” God is in control. Let’s use our time today in a wise manner that would honor Him.
P.S. Last week’s blog drew a lot of comments. Most people accused me of talking specifically about them or called me out for not mentioning “Drama Kings” as well. My apologies!