May 23, 2016

Good morning from Iława, Poland. We are having an amazing journey that is now entering its second week. I wanted to stop and try to give a quick update. It will be quick for two reasons. 1) I'm typing this on my phone so enough said. And 2) I'm writing this all over for the second time as somehow during the night my first long version disappeared. I'm a little frustrated right now but I know it's just satan's way of trying to defeat our efforts. Jennifer had a scare with misplacing her passport last night so that was even more frightening. But she found it. Unlike my first version of this blog.
Overall the trip has been very smooth but besides the incidents above we have had a few other bumps in the road. Taking backpacks was a tactical mistake which we tried to correct by buying cheap wheeled carriers which hasn't turned out well either. The security people have grown fond of searching my camera bag at each stop due to its theft-proof mesh but we haven't lost any tickets or missed any flights so all is good.
The IMB missionaries here are working primarily with 4 different towns in this area. I preached yesterday, and Jennifer shared her testimony, at a new church in Nidzica. The pastor, Artur, and his wife, were wonderful and gracious people. We loved them immediately. They are doing a great work with 40-50 people already coming each week. Today we are going back to Olsztynek where we met pastor Marcin and his family yesterday. They serve in a church that has been here since the war. They fed us honey from their personal bee hive and they were very warm and inviting. God has opened a door for us to minister there today. We will also be in the schools this week in another one of the towns called Lubawa. This is where Olivia has served on each of her previous visits and has made a big impact. Just yesterday as we walked through this town she ran into a number of people she knew. They are hoping to have a church start here by the fall. In the town where we are staying they also hope to start a church but it is estimated that is at least a year away.
Please continue to pray that God will use us here. Pray for the local pastors and their families and for our missionaries here. Pray for the people here who are largely influenced by Roman Catholicism but don't know Christ as their Lord and Savior. Also pray for a specific need as pastor Artur is having car trouble. It is probably the clutch and we have no idea how much it will cost but we feel burdened to help if we can. So pray for that and many other needs here.
We will be in Rome to preach in 2 weeks and 3 weeks from today we will be home. Thank you for your continued prayer and love and support.
David, Jennifer, and Olivia
P.S. It seems that the food here is much too delicious so pray we don't overindulge. We are still walking a lot so that should help. Ha.