Welcome to Monday. Let me get right to the quick update.

We made contact this past week with 2 new IMB “units” or missionary teams. One unit was a family in Athens who are doing an amazing work. I can't give names because they are in the country officially in a different capacity. We got to share time with them at their home where we caught a vision of their heart for this city. We also almost got to work at a refugee center one day but as it turned out they had all the help they needed that day. But we did get a tour of the center and a tour of the area where thousands of refugees come in to Athens each week. We heard how this is a great opportunity to reach out and share the gospel during this key time of transition. Many are open to leaving behind Islam and looking at Christianity in a whole new light. But the opportunity can be short as they often come under the old influences when they reach their final destination. What an amazing thing to be able to use something like illegal refugees to see new believers. There is so much more to share here but I will save it for when we return.

The next stop was in Rome where I preached last night. I said in looking at the order of service that the only words I could read were my name and “finale”. Ha. We met the local pastor who shared with me a book he has written on the Papacy and I look forward to reading it. He is a key figure in evangelical work in Italy and it was good to hear his heart. They have been in a very small building that they only get to use at different times. It is close to Piazza Venezia so it is in the heart of the city. But they have recently found a new and bigger building in the same area so God is working. We also got to meet a young man and his family who lived in another part of Italy but 5 years ago their church began praying about helping to start a work in central Rome. They thought oh yes Lord send someone. In the end they realized that God was calling them. They had to quit their jobs and move to Rome on faith. The man was an electronic engineer but Rome is the wrong place for that so after many months he found a job in computer IT. What an amazing testimony of following Gods call. More on this. And lastly we met our IMB missionary and his family. This story is too long as well but I was very proud to call them our missionaries.

We have already seen so much need and so many people lost and in need of a savior. The vision is great but our God is greater. Please be in prayer for these works and more all around the world. Pray for us as we meet with 2 more mission units before we return home in less than a week. We are tired but God has already renewed our vision for the world and for our mission right where we live.

David, Jennifer, and Olivia