It’s August! In Texas! Is it HOT? Umm that’s a pretty dumb question. But we thank God today for air conditioning and flip flops. More so the A/C. I hope your Monday is off to an amazing start. Today I’m thinking about my Mom. It is her birthday and so I celebrate her today and thank God for her life and I know she is with Him now. Love you Mom!
I’m always torn on Mondays as I think about what to write in this blog. Today is no different. But I want to let you know about some things on my mind and heart. These are things that I am hopeful you will join with me in making a matter of prayer.
Parents Conference. I am hopeful this Fall we will be able to have a parents’ conference that will meet the needs of many in our community. Pray with me as we consider video or live options. Pray with me as we consider dates and times. Pray that God will convict the hearts of parents to come and learn how to be better at something that is essential and yet often overlooked. ALL parents need help and wisdom.
Missions Conference. This is more a dream right now than a reality. I would love for us to be able to host several different missionaries who would come and share about what God is doing around the world. I have this vision of what it would look like but I’m not sure how to make it happen at this point. Pray that God will show us and guide us if this is something that needs to happen.
Marriage Seminar. We are praying right now about many couples being involved in a marriage seminar this coming Spring. Every married couple needs to be encouraged and needs to be reminded of the importance of their relationship. We want many of you to partner in prayer and commit in your heart now to support this effort.
Mission Trip 2017. We are already praying about where God wants us to go in 2017. We are also praying that some of you will join us. That means each of you needs to be praying for God’s direction. We are praying that God will provide the time needed for you to go. We are praying that He will provide the energy and the financial resources you will need as well. We are praying for the specific location. We have 2 possibilities right now and 1 that we feel like God is pushing us towards. Pray that God will continue to make that clear.
As Francis Chan said last night, we need to be reaching out and ministering to those around us. That means here where we are on a daily basis. It means sharing love and resources and our faith with those in need. It also means going as God leads to other places around the world to bring the love of Christ to the lost and hurting. But God also calls us to a place of holiness and purity. We can’t lose either one. If we have sin in our lives, then our prayers go nowhere. I believe many believers are living ineffectual and hollow lives because they harbor sin in their deep dark places. We have to “turn from our wicked ways” if we want God to hear us. If we want to see God move, then it starts with us and with our heart.
Let me close with a quote from Paul Tripp.
“This physical world, with all its sights, sounds, locations, experiences, and relationships, has no capacity to make your heart content. This physical world was designed by God to be one finger that points you to the only place where your heart will find satisfaction and rest. Your heart will rest only when it finds rest in God, and God alone.”