I was just kidding last Monday when I said Fall was here. It’s supposed to be 99 today. That doesn’t seem very Fall to me. As I mentioned yesterday you know it’s going to be a long football season when just a few weeks in your best hope for a successful football season rests on the backs of your fantasy team. My fantasy football team said we don’t need that kind of pressure and so they decided to add to my pain over the weekend. But its Monday and that means more football on Monday night. Yay?!?
Today I wanted to recommend a few tools to hopefully better help you in your daily walk with the Lord. I have been using YouVersion Bible app for several years now and I would recommend it to each of you. It has bible reading plans and a lot of different bible version that are easily accessible. I keep 5 different translations handy on my version. I keep the ESV, NLT, NCV, MSG, and the NIV ready for quick reference. This is a great app that is available on all platforms. I would also like to recommend another bible app that I recently came across called Blue Letter Bible. It also has a daily reading plan and is a very full-featured bible app. You can’t go wrong with either one of these for helping you read your bible on a more consistent basis. The other resource I want to recommend is one I just stumbled across called iDisciple. It has actually been around since 2013 but I had not seen it until recently. It is an app that gives you lots of different resources in one place. It is filled with articles to read or daily devotions or messages you can watch or listen to on your smart phone or tablet or computer. There are many excellent authors represented including Tony Evans, John Maxwell, Charles Stanley and on and on the list goes including two of my personal favorites, Francis Chan and Greg Laurie. This is a great tool for your daily quiet time or for passing on helpful lessons learned to those around you. There are obviously many more resources out there and I’m sure you have some you could send me. But the point of all of these is using them. You have to actually open them up . . . not just download them to your phone or tablet. Then you need to set aside time to take advantage of what is literally at your fingertips. It has never been easier to access the word of God and extra-biblical resources than it is today. We really have no excuse. You can pull up a study to listen to as you drive to work. You can pull up a devotion to read as you sit waiting at the doctor’s office. You can watch a video lesson while waiting for dinner to come out of the oven (does anyone still cook?). These apps give you quick access wherever you are and you don’t have to carry a bunch of books around with you. All you need is that phone and we know you’re attached to it so use it for God’s glory and your spiritual nourishment.
Men, just an FYI about the annual Riverbend Men’s Fish Fry that is coming Tuesday, October 4th @ 6:00pm. Come join us for a great night of food and inspiration and fellowship!
Missions Month is less than TWO WEEKS away!! Please help us out if you can with a little extra to help pay travel costs for our missionaries who are coming in. We would greatly appreciate it!