On this beautiful Monday morning I just want to thank God that I am alive and for helping me realize that life is good. We can all find things to complain about (want to hear my list? No, I didn’t think so) but we can all also find so many ways that God blesses us far beyond what we deserve. I feel blessed today. I hope you do too!
I know I am unusually drawn to my own messages – ha – I mean I am the one preaching them so you would hope that I am involved in the topic. But I also think God uses them in my life. It’s not that I am amazing when it comes to messages (and I want to pass on some other people to read later here) but I do think God has something important to say and hopefully I am accurately passing that on and basically reminding people what they should already know. Yesterday it was about “investing.” More specifically “investing in people.” As I also mentioned, I thought back over my life and about the people I have invested in. Hopefully some of them are you, the ones reading this. But I also thought about how many more people God still wants me to invest in. Each one of us needs to be in a constant state of investing in other lives. And I think that looks different for each of us. You might invest by baking cookies. Someone else might invest by writing cards. Someone else does it through prayer or mowing someone’s lawn or maybe through a kind word of encouragement. Investing in others is a lifelong process that God calls us to. One person I love to quote is Bob Goff. Let me give you two different quotes from or paraphrases from him that I shared yesterday morning and evening. Last night Bob said, in his video, that we should love God, love people, and do stuff. Ha. Typical Bob. But so true. Investing means we love people and we do stuff. And then yesterday morning I quoted Bob from his Instagram post where he said, “God doesn’t give us maps to follow; He gives us people to go with.” That really spoke to me. I thought about my wife and daughter who recently shared a special journey with me. I want you to be on this journey called life with me as well. I want to invest in your life and hopefully this blog is a part of that.
Let me encourage you today to find some good sources of wisdom on a daily basis. As I mentioned, one person I gain wisdom from is Bob Goff. I recently started following Bob because his book “Love Does” has really touched my life. I wish I was more like Bob but God only made one of him and I have to be the David that God created me to be. But boy Bob sure seems like a fun guy to hang out with. I also encourage you to read Paul Tripp. He has a daily devotion that my wife reads and I do as well some days and he also has some great lines that he shares on twitter. When I read Paul I am struck by my own limitations. I don’t even really have the words to describe it because when I read Paul’s quotes they not only speak to me (usually) but I also find them to be very deep. And I mean deep in the sense that there is a part of it that is often quickly evident but then there is also a part where I have to stop and think about it. And then I think wow that is really good. And then usually (this is my pride) I think wow I wish I had said that. Ha. But Paul just has so so many good thoughts that really speak to the believer. I have others that I read as well. I hope you have people who speak wisdom into your life on a daily basis. We all need that. And then we need to take that wisdom and invest it into someone else. You then become that voice of wisdom for them. This is all part of the investing process. Which then gets us to the invitation. More on that next week.