It’s VBS week here at FBCWS and that makes it just a little different from every other week. If you have any children or grandchildren or neighbor kiddos that need a fun environment for hearing the gospel message, then send them our way!
I have two topics today. First I want to touch on something familiar but with a little different message. Over the weekend our daughter, Olivia, was home and it had been six weeks since we returned from our Mission Trip so we (OK, it was my idea) decided to commemorate the trip by going for a long walk (ha) and then sitting down and trying to remember what we did each day on the trip. It was a fun walk down memory lane and it was aided by the pictures and videos we took (though we certainly didn’t look at all of the 3000+ pics) and by Jennifer’s daily log that she kept. At the end I told them how much I enjoyed spending the trip with them and I also told them I was glad they “talked me into it.” Last fall when this idea came up I tried to convince them to just make it a Mother/Daughter trip and leave me home. I was old and wasn’t sure I could keep up and I wasn’t sure we wouldn’t all kill each other before the trip was over (did I mention the last 2 weeks all 3 of us stayed every night in the same room?). But I obviously did go and I was extremely thankful I did. Go used it in my heart and, hey, look how many blogs I have gotten out of it. I also mentioned how much I enjoyed meeting all the people we met along the way and how I saw God’s intervention even in the random people we met. And lastly I mentioned (and this is really where I am going with this) that I loved how every day was a unique “adventure.” I think about my “normal” day here and though sometimes riding my bike can be an “adventure” it’s not quite the same. My days are pretty routine, probably much like yours. I realized that God has me on an adventure here but I often miss it. And I believe He wants to take me on unique adventures from time-to-time. We are already praying and planning the next “adventure” where God is going to use us and I believe He is also going to excite us about ministry. I hope YOU are praying right now. God may want to take you on an adventure. I can promise you won’t regret it.
The other topic I want to touch on (with more to come in the weeks ahead) is the upcoming presidential election in our country. In case you are wondering, it is not illegal for me to share my personal feelings on who I am voting for and so on. But I’m not going to do that. What I want to do though is to encourage you to not only vote but to be wise in your decision. This may be the first election where I mentally wondered whether I wanted to vote at all. In my mind it really is about choosing someone that I think will govern the closest to godly standards. Granted, both candidates are far from what I want. Both have many areas where I simply cannot agree. But let me encourage you to not allow that to keep you from voting. Look to those you respect and see who they favor and why. I read a short endorsement from Dr. James Dobson this week and it meant a lot to me because he is one of many that I respect. I read Eric Metaxas on a daily basis and I value his judgment as well. Look for smart, godly people and see who they are supporting. They won’t all be on the same side but at least it will give you some perspective. We need to vote for people based on an eternal perspective and not just whether they support our own personal preferences. I believe that we must be involved for the good of our nation. This past week a group called “Stand for Fort Worth” successfully lobbied for the Superintendent of Fort Worth ISD to change the policy on transgender bathroom usage. One of the leaders of this group was my wife’s boss’ wife. She helped prove that we can make a difference. And we must make a difference by allowing our voices to be heard. Not voices of hate but voices of love and concern. More to come!