It’s Monday . . . again . . . and I’m still trying to figure if this is really August in Texas or am I in the middle of a dream? And as I feared, I am already in Olympics withdrawal. Last night’s closing ceremony ummm . . . is that really part of the Olympics? Congrats to the USA . . . everybody with me . . . U-S-A!! It was the most medals won by the US since 1984 when Russia boycotted the Olympics. Sorry. I keep up with this stuff. Have a good Monday!! No, instead, make it a GREAT Monday!!
Today I want to share another link to a Radical Blog called “Why Your Bible Study is Too Pragmatic.” It’s well worth your read and I am just going to give you a few quotes and encourage you to click on that link and go read it for yourself.
“Pragmatism can be a particularly unwise approach to almost any area of life. The reason is because pragmatism always has an eye towards results, regardless of what is right or wrong. This has marked evangelical church culture for some time now. Too often the church's starting point when beginning a ministry program has been to ask questions like, ‘What will draw the crowds?’ or, ‘What is most effective?’ or, ‘What is the simplest?’ rather than addressing those questions after being informed by a more fundamental question: ‘What does God's Word say about this matter?’”

“Ultimately, Scripture was never given to cater to our lives, our desires, or to be convenient. Scripture was given to govern our lives, to change our desires, and to be a means of finding life through Jesus Christ.”
Check it out!
I also want to remind you that just 5 weeks from this coming Sunday we kick off “October Missions Month.” Every Sunday we will either have a live missionary or one coming to us via Skype or by video. I can’t tell you how excited I am as we hear stories about what God is doing around the world and we are reminded of just how important Missions is in God’s plan to spread the Gospel. I hope you will be here for all FIVE Sundays in October. As an added bonus you won’t even have to hear me preach every week (just a couple).

In conjunction with our Missions Month we will be announcing the location for our 2017 Mission Trip. We are already laying the groundwork for it and we will share the date and location as we kick off our Missions Month. I am very excited about that as well and I hope that some of you are praying about going with us. For many, I know you won’t be able to go but I hope that you will partner with us in prayer and, as the Lord provides, financially as well.
I want to close by highlighting my wife today. Friday was her birthday and today is our anniversary. She definitely is the “better half” and I definitely “out-kicked my coverage.” I don’t always appreciate her as much as I should but I do thank God for her every day. Happy Anniversary Jennifer!! Tonight we are going to see the new “Ben-Hur” movie. I saw Jim Denison said you should go see it so I will let you know if it’s worth it or not.
Pray for our Teachers and Students as they head back to school this week!