Yes, it’s Monday and yes, the Olympics are over but today may be the best Monday of the year for many of you. Yes, it’s the Monday of the start of the football season . . . at least college football season! How exciting is that? OK, for many of you I know you don’t care. I hope your Monday is awesome anyway!
I give up. I am waving the white flag. I have thrown in the towel. I have surrendered. I, well, you get the idea. This last week I finally gave up the fight in my front yard. Ten years ago when our home was new we had a neighbor move in to their new home and they paid to have their Bermuda grass taken up and all new St. Augustine put down. It was the only grass like it in the neighborhood. Everyone else has Bermuda. I had a friend come over and tell me that eventually the St. Augustine would take over my yard. I was determined to prove him wrong. I fought the battle hard. I put down a physical barrier between our lawns. I established a no-grass zone by spraying “Round-Up” along the line (some “may” have even wandered over into his lawn but he rarely mows so ummm). I researched ways to kill his grass without killing mine but there seemed to be no answer. I watched a video where the guy said just pull the grass out . . . uhh . . . I was already doing that. I pulled and pulled grass. At some point my grass along the side of my house died and I made the mistake of watching his grass fill the void left by my dead grass. I thought, well I can give up the side. No one sees that and that grass is better than mud. But soon the front was being hit on 2 sides and now it became evident it was a losing battle. I had not done enough. I was not vigilant enough. I let it win, slowly, but surely.
I began to think about parallels in our spiritual life (duh). To me the St. Augustine was like SIN that creeps into our lives just a little at a time. We see it and we fight it but many times we don’t fight hard enough. We let sin take a foothold and before we know it, it has consumed our lives. We also make the mistake of trying to fight it alone. I badgered my wife into helping fight the grass but her heart wasn’t in it. After all, like many people, she likes St. Augustine better! So I tried to fight the battle alone. When it comes to sin in our lives we need help and we need support. We need a church to stand with us. We need a small group of believers who will walk with us and help us fight sin in our lives. And we need a mentor or close friend who will call us out when they see us not being diligent. It also has to be a daily battle. My biggest mistake was that I was too lazy. I didn’t pull the grass out often enough. I let it grow without constant attention. I would just assume I could “catch up” and I didn’t see the danger of not being vigilant. Now I regret it.

The footnote to this story is that now my yard probably has the most St. Augustine grass of any in our neighborhood. My neighbor, through neglect and weeds, has virtually lost all his original grass. It’s now in my yard. Though I have given up, in the back of my mind I still wonder if I can fix it. Ha. Feel free to email me if “you” can fix it.
Thanks to all of you who helped make last night’s Sunday Sing a Success! I realized that if you want people to come out on a Sunday night you either need to have them sing . . . or offer them food.
Last note: If you can help with some travel expenses for our missionaries who are coming in October please contact me or the church office. Anything above your tithe that you can contribute will be greatly appreciated!
P.S. We did go see the new Ben-Hur movie and I would recommend it! We had a good time and we both enjoyed it.