I think Fall is officially here. The reason I know is on my ride in this morning I was a little chilly in my short-sleeved shirt. But I’m not complaining. I love the Spring and Fall. Normally a big part of my love for Fall is Football but that hasn’t started off very well. I hope it’s a good Monday even for all the Cowboys fans out there!
As most of you know, since we have extra bedrooms in our home, we try to use them either to help pay the bills or to provide a place for someone in need. Over the last 5 years or so we have had extended family members and friends who have stayed with us. We have had seminary students and medical students also staying with us. As an example, last night we had 3 bedrooms filled with people. One was a nurse who is working in town for a few months. Another was a family where the husband has stayed with us off and on while he works here as well. The last was a couple who just got back from touring the world for 20 months. They visited 43 different countries and they came to church with us yesterday. Every one of these has been a joy to meet and get to know. There have been many more in the past and we are enjoying how God is using the gift of hospitality in us to reach out to others. Some people think we are crazy and that it is dangerous but we believe God is in it and we know He is using us in a somewhat unique way. We don’t force our faith on our guests but we don’t shy away from spiritual conversations either. Many of them don’t know Christ and it gives us the opportunity to live out Christ in front of them on a more personal level. Every one of them has a unique story and we are constantly reminded of how God loves them just likes He loves us. We have had many international guests as well and it is good to be reminded that they are all in need of a Savior.

What a crazy way for God to have us come in contact with all these different people. Will the vast majority ever become members of our particular church? Highly unlikely. But more importantly, could they become members with us in a heavenly kingdom? Absolutely, and we pray each day that God will help us to be a part of that process of transformation. How does God want to use you today? In what way has He gifted you? Are you using that for His glory?

Sometimes when we interact with our guests we find ourselves almost envious of their journey. One of our guests spent 5 years traveling around the world on a sailboat by himself. He had some extraordinary stories he shared with us. One young lady who stayed with us is a talented musician on an adventure to a singing career. Her gift to us before she left was a song she played on our piano. Another young lady who stays with us from time to time is on a college scholarship for equestrian horse jumping. But then we are reminded of how much we have to be thankful for. My prayer for each of you today is that God will remind you of how blessed you are. You may not have incredible riches or amazing resources. You may not have what the world would esteem as important but I believe that God has blessed each of us in wonderful ways. Be thankful today for life itself. God has given you another day on this earth and I pray that you will use it for His glory!
Last note: If you can help with some travel expenses for our missionaries who are coming in October please contact me or the church office. Anything above your tithe that you can contribute will be greatly appreciated!