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We want to help you grow discover your purpose and grow in your relationship with Christ, all while connecting with a loving community here in the west Fort Worth area. Want help connecting?
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At First Baptist Church of White Settlement, we want to help you develop a lasting connection with your church community and immediately connect and invest in our vision. Here are some steps to help you get started:

Membership at FBCWS

The first step in our membership process is filling out a membership request form. After that, we'll contact you and walk you through the steps of becoming a members at FBCWS. Membership isn't like at country club or gym, it is about a commitment to a community of fellow believers in Christ!

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Connect with a Group

Engaging with community is essential to connecting with a local church. One of the ways we offer this is through our various groups. We have bible study classes on Sunday mornings at 9:00am. Choose which class works best for you, or choose both, and get plugged in today!

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At FBCWS, we believe that investing in a local church is more than just tithes and offerings, but it is about using your giftedness to serve the Kingdom of God. We want to help you discover what God has uniquely called you to do and help get you plugged in with serving in that area.

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