May 13, 2019

I was thinking as I drove to work this morning how today would be a good day for one of those blogs that was the “best of” type of blog. You know how some radio stations play clips at night or on the weekend from the best moments of the week and sometimes it happens with people who write every day. And I realized I could probably do it and no one would even notice . . . but I’m not going to. Ha. God is faithful and we are called to be faithful and do our best for Him in return. I just read on social media a quote that said something like “Jesus is not a part-time savior and we shouldn’t be a part-time Christian.” We need to be all-in today!! Let’s have some coffee and get rolling this morning!!

My prayer today is that each of you will find time to spend studying God’s Word and you will make time to talk to God and hear His voice today. Some of you may be struggling to find the time to spend with God. I would guess others are not doing it because it has become dry or maybe even a little boring for you. Let me encourage you today. One thing you can do is to find several good devotional books to work your way through each morning. I know my wife has at least two that she loves. One of them is Paul Tripp’s New Morning Mercies and she also reads Daily with the King. Both are excellent resources. There are also many that you can subscribe to online such as ones from Greg Laurie to Max Lucado and many more. TheYouVersion Bible app has hundreds of free devotionals and Bible reading plans. I strongly advocate for a bible reading plan that covers all of God’s word and so for most plans this means you do a lot of reading in the Old Testament. This is when many people get bogged down and sometimes drop out. When you are reading through those genealogies or you get stuck in lists for building the Temple and so on. One well-known preacher even recently questioned whether reading the Old Testament had any value or not. I think it is a mistake to not mix in Old Testament passages in your daily reading.

Often I find it very interesting in the descriptions about battles and struggles the Israelites endured because of their constant wavering from their faith in God. Today my reading was in Jeremiah and these verses just jumped out at me: Jeremiah 22:8-9 (NIV) "People from many nations will pass by this city and will ask one another, 'Why has the LORD done such a thing to this great city?' And the answer will be: 'Because they have forsaken the covenant of the LORD their God and have worshiped and served other gods.'" “Time and again, the Lord had wondrously delivered His people. Zedekiah and his officials knew the history of their nation, and they knew that the only hope for saving the nation now was the miraculous power of God. But they were overlooking one significant fact: they desperately needed to repent, to turn away from their sins and back to God. Before God could deliver them, they needed to recommit themselves to Him, to obey His holy commandments and to live righteously. God gave His promise of deliverance only to the obedient, to those who truly followed Him and lived godly. Tragically, the leaders and citizens of Judah were unwilling to turn from their selfish, sinful ways and repent.”

That sounds a lot like us doesn’t it? And we often wonder why things in America continue to decline and fall apart. We have lost our first love. We have refused to be obedient to God. As I read story after story in the Old Testament I find myself thinking, “You saw what happened to the last King who did wicked things and yet you followed right along, repeating those same mistakes.” And I often wonder why they never seemed to learn from history and yet here we are doing the same thing. We forget oh so quickly. We get impatient with God and we turn away from Him. Sometimes I am the worst sinner in this regard. If I am having a bad day it is easy to feel sorry for myself and withdraw from what God wants me to do that day. I can find myself taking a step back in just a matter of days and yet here I sit and question the Israelites and their faith. How many times do we forget the covenant we have made with God? I am afraid it is way too many. May we be faithful and obedient to Him today even in the midst of the storm that might be raging in our lives. My life is not my own. I have been bought with a price. Today belongs to Him and not to me! May the name of the Lord be praised!!

I hope you were able to be with us yesterday as we celebrated our Mothers! What a great day of worship and special thanks to our combined worship team yesterday for an amazing job of leading us in worship. From the voices to the band to the work by our AV team I say a big word of THANKS!! It was great to have our Hispanic brothers and sisters with us in worship. In case you didn’t know, they will be combining with us on the second Sunday of every month for a joint worship service.  

I am ON MISSION Today! Are You?