June 24, 2019

Good Morning!! I want to start off this week’s blog by saying if you missed the “Night of Worship” last night then you missed a great evening. Thanks Andy Hutchison for your leadership. The music was so amazing and the time of worship was extraordinary. I loved every minute. You might not realize this but sometimes it is hard for pastors to really worship and I was able to do that. It was a lot of fun and just really meaningful. The good news is . . . we are doing it again next month! Mark your calendar now for Sunday evening, July 28th, and spread the word. It is “must not miss” church wide worship!!
One of the things God has been showing me lately is how important it is that our lives reflect what our mouth proclaims. I often look around and I see a lot of so-called “church people”, sometimes teachers or even leaders within a local church, who “talk a good game” but then you look more closely at their life and you just don’t see evidence to support their claims. Do you know anyone like that? The world might call them a hypocrite. We might say their lives have a “hollow ring” to them. God calls them lukewarm. The problem is that lukewarm is somewhat the default position. We might even call it “room temperature.” Any liquid, whether hot or cold, if left on the counter, over time will become room temperature. Whatever the temperature of the room is, that is the temperature of the liquid. Coffee loses its heat fairly quickly when left on the counter. Even ice water will become just tap water over a relatively short period of time. What does this mundane and obvious fact have to do with our spiritual lives? I believe way too many of us have just settled into the default position. We have taken on the spiritual mediocrity of the culture around us. We are just like our neighbors in many ways. We have settled into talking big but not really backing it up in a moment by moment daily life. The bible refers to it as “losing your first love.” If you were honest with yourself would you fit into this category? And if so what can you do about it? Check out this article called “How (Not) to Stay Lukewarm.” Does this following quote describe you?
I looked down on those who were “lesser” Christians to confirm my complacency. My assurance of salvation largely came from the fact that I was outwardly better than many of the other goats who claimed to be sheep.
I prayed like the Pharisee: God, I thank you that I am not like other men, fornicators, liars, adulterers — I wouldn’t know I was a Christian without them.
When a duck compares himself with other ducks, he crowns himself a swan.
Be sure to check out the article for more info on how not to stay lukewarm. Let me give you one hint. You need to read your bible more and “There is still time. Repent. Believe. Rejoice. Live.”
The word on the streets is that VBS is COMING!! As most of you know, VBS stands for Vacation Bible School. It is school because our children will be learning. What will they learn? Duh, the Bible. And theoretically it is Summer Vacation time so children need to be there! You can go to our church web site at www.fbcws.org and click on the VBS link there. That will take you to the page where you can sign up your child. It’s so easy a monkey could do it!! Or a caveman? You get the idea. Get signed up!!
Last Word: I don’t have any family birthdays this week but we do have a pretty big wedding this coming Saturday night, June 29th. Our youngest daughter, Olivia (11 years old when we moved here), is getting married to Darrell Travis. I have had the privilege of baptizing all six of my children AND performing the wedding ceremony for each one of them with the sixth and concluding one coming this Saturday. It feels a little like my job as a Dad is completed and yet I know being a Dad never stops. I do feel like it is not only a very big day for Olivia but is also a big day for Jennifer and I as we see the onset of the empty nest. Even though Olivia has been away to school and off and on we have had an empty house, this will really be the first time in 36 years that we will have no children in our direct care (Yay, no more extra car insurance!!) and a new chapter in our lives begins just like it does for Olivia. Congratulations Olivia and Darrell!! We pray God’s blessing on both of you and your marriage to come!!
I am ON MISSION Today! Are You?