September 16, 2019

Good Monday Morning!! This is my next-to-last blog in this format so if you want to keep getting communication from me please reply to this email.

I was driving in to the church this morning and I heard a car insurance commercial talking about safe driving. They were pushing a way to figure out if you were a good driver or not (other than your spouse telling you how to drive). They gave an interesting statistic and that was this: 94% of people think they are good drivers. It almost makes you laugh right? We all know 94% of the drivers around us are NOT good drivers. Sometimes I question whether even half the drivers I encounter each day are good drivers. And I’m not sure this thing the insurance company was pushing would accurately define who was a good driver or not. I can still remember my Dad talking to me about looking down the road for trouble and constantly checking my rearview mirror to see what was coming up behind me and so on. I think riding a motorcycle made me more aware of my surroundings and in some ways made me a better driver (I can’t speak for some of the crazy riders out there). But the point of the statistic for me was not what percentage of drivers are actually good drivers but what percentageTHINK they are good drivers. And in this case it is apparently almost all of us. I’m a good driver. Aren’t you?

But I began to think about the parallels with our walk with the Lord. I began to wonder how many believers THINK they are doing pretty good. I wonder how many believers THINK their spiritual walk is about where it needs to be. I wonder how many people in general have convinced themselves they are believers when the reality is very different. In 2016, 73.7% of people in the United States claimed to be “Christian.” You and I both know that the vast majority of that group do not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. They probably THINK they are OK but the reality is something different. And in a different context some of you who are reading this may THINK you are in the middle of God’s will and yet you may be far from Him. I found a web site that has some pretty startling poll numbers. I want to pass it on not to discourage or alarm you but to warn you about the reality of where we are as a country. I know nothing about “Revival Outside These Walls” but I encourage you to at least take a look at it and realize that we are in a spiritual battle. Much like Gideon, we have to first set our own home in order, but then we must be willing to step up and step out and fight for our faith. We do that by putting our Trust in Christ and then walk in Obedience to the commands He has given us!!

On a personal note I would like to ask those of you who read this blog to consider helping us out. I know many of you will support us in prayer and I am hopeful many will also helpsupport us on a monthly basis (over and above your tithe as I always say). But one thing I would like to ask today is for you to think about connections you might have with other churches. We are actively looking for places to be able to come and speak and share what God is going to do through us in Jamaica. We would love to come and speak to a church or group about Jamaica and the Mission there. Right now we have speaking engagements for every Sunday morning in October but we need more in November and December and January. And we are open to speaking at times other than just Sunday morning. So pray about it and if you can help connect us with another church or group we would be extremely grateful. On our last Sunday here at FBCWS (9/29) we will be sharing more with our church here how you can be involved so come prepared in just two short weeks!!

Last Word: I’m going to go ahead and wish everyone in my family a Happy Birthday for the rest of September. We have a lot of birthdays in September. Over the next few weeks we have:

        September 18 – Our grandson Cameron Fuller! Happy 6th Birthday!!

        September 21 – Our daughter-in-law Olivia Katherine Hixon!!

        September 25 – Our granddaughter Ree Fuller turns TWO!!

        September 26 – Our son-in-law Allen Fuller!! (busy month at the Fuller house)

        September 28 – My sister Barbara’s Birthday!!

        September 29 – Our grandson Carson Hixon!! Happy 6th Birthday!!


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