August 24, 2015

It's another Monday morning and summer is almost over. In my opinion, the only really positive reason to celebrate the end of summer is because it means football season is almost upon us. Sorry for you "football widows" out there.
Just a quick personal update here. I "think" I surprised my wife with a Birthday/Anniversary trip to the beach over the weekend. We were joined by my son-in-law and daughter and two of our grandkids. We had a fun few days on the beach. I ate too much and was shocked at how quickly I could get "too much sun." But other than that it was a good time. Thanks to Bill Burton for filling in for me.
This morning I was thinking about how life is so full of little things that just add up and build up until they dominate almost every waking moment. The little things creep in and before we know it we have lost focus, we have lost the reason for our existence, we have gotten sucked into the drama of life. It seems in my life, like most, that there are always many things seeking my time and attention. There are problems or situations or things that divert my mind, sap my energy, and steal my time. Many days it feels like nothing gets done because all I am doing is responding to the "tyranny of the urgent." Do you feel like that? Is your day often just a list of busy things that need to get done? Are you just reacting to life, trying to keep your head above water? I think many of us are there. Let me encourage you today. There is an old saying that says, "Make the main thing the main thing." In other words the call is to make sure you keep your focus on the ultimate goal in life. But you say, you don't understand. I have so many thing demanding my attention. I don't even have time to think about God. Oh I believe in Him and I have committed my life to Him but I can't spend time today on that aspect of life. This is where it all breaks down for most of us. I want to submit to you today that as we seek Him and commit to our relationship with Him as the main focus of life that everything else will fall into place. When He becomes the focus of life I believe all those other things will become easier to deal with. Those stressful situations will lose some of their steam when we remember our creator is right there with us. That drama will seek to dominate our mind and ruin our day. On our way home from south Texas yesterday we pulled in to get gas and take a potty break. We were less than an hour from home. I left the keys in the car and went to fill up. Everyone else got out and went inside the small convenience store. When I finished filling up reached over and all the doors were shut and locked. All of them. And the one set of keys were laying there . . . inside the car. We were in trouble. Out in the middle of nowhere on a Sunday afternoon. My daughter began calling one locksmith after another. I tried to remain calm and began to pray. I realized this one event could derail our whole weekend and leave a bitter taste in our mouths. Out of fear I prayed that even if we had to wait and pay that we would not lose the joy of our time away. Then when it seemed we had finally secured someone to come in 30-60 minutes, all of a sudden a guy pulls up with one of those kits that lets you "break" into your car. He had heard our situation and he went and got his kit and within just a few minutes he had us on our way at no charge. What a blessing. I was reminded again that God is in control. I was reminded that He sees us, He knows what we are going through, and He cares. It doesn't always end that way. Our problems are not always so easily solved. But I truly believe that as we make Him our priority that He will walk with us through every situation. He will make us a better parent. He will help us become a better spouse. He will be there in that job situation. He wants to help us but we have to make Him the main focus. It really is that simple. Hard to do, but simple. Make Him your goal today. See if He doesn't walk with you today.