August 17, 2015

Are you thankful for Mondays? Be honest. I don't think it's that we hate the day so much as just the idea of another long week at work. Imagine a time when there is no Monday. That day is coming and it's not called retirement. It's called Heaven. If you know Christ and He is living in your heart then someday soon you will look back from Heaven and think, "Wow, life down there went really fast." I hope you will be satisfied with how you lived it. More importantly, I hope God will be pleased. Make today count!!
If you missed our Homemade ice cream fellowship last night then you missed a great time. We had a ton of people and a boatload of ice cream. It was almost like Heaven. Ha. I want you to know that I "took one for the team" last night. I had to "force" myself (this is a joke) to go around and taste test every single flavor that was assorted there on our kitchen island. There was cherry, mixed fruit, chocolate, butterfinger, creamy vanilla, strawberry, banana, peach, and regular vanilla. Add to that those who brought bowls and spoons and brownies and cookies and toppings and store-bought ice cream and wow, I almost made myself sick. I know I will probably get in trouble for listing my favorites but that rarely stops me. Let me say that it was a tough choice because I really did like every single flavor there. I say that honestly. And I thank each of you who worked hard to make it and bring it. If I can't pick my wife's strawberry then I would say my favorites would have been the peach by Gayle Libby and the creamy vanilla by Rhonda Ferguson. Just so you know, for me there won't be much eating for the next few days. Was it worth it? Totally.
For those of you preparing to send your kids back to school this week and next, let me say a little prayer for you. I know it is good and bad. For our teachers it is some of that as well. Parents are going to miss their children but at the same time some of you might be ready for a little break. And teachers are excited to be welcoming back their students but at the same time that summer vacation is coming to an end. I always marvel at how our culture and society and calendar somewhat revolve around the school calendar. We just sort of accept it now because it has been ingrained in us. Many years ago, culture adapted to the farming season. In fact our current school calendars are somewhat geared around the old agricultural necessity of kids being out in the summer to help with the crops. Even the time that has become traditional for worship services largely goes back to that agricultural structure. But let me remind parents today that as you send your children off to school your job is not done. Proverbs 22:6 tells us to, "Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it." The most important teaching a child will receive is not at school but at home. The church is there to help and assist you but the primary responsibility lies with the parents. School and education are important but training a child to love God will yield eternal results. Just as there is no rest from preparing meals and wiping noses and putting them to bed there should be no rest from spiritual instruction. We need parents who realize that children are a blessing from God but also a responsibility. Do not grow weary. I can promise that you will not regret a single moment that you spend with your child teaching them the ways of the Lord. It will be worth it. Totally.