July 27, 2015

It's a great Monday morning. Why great? Because you are alive and reading this!! I want to thank all of those who helped make our VBS a great success last week. Thanks Melody Thomas, our Children's Minister, for putting it all together. How do you know you're still suffering from VBS hangover? Answer: You can't get that song out of your head even days later. "We're on a journey . . . journey off the map." I don't even know what it means but it's stuck in my brain.
I want to keep reminding each of you and especially those who are members at FBCWS that we are ALL called to be "On Mission" every single day. I'm guessing most of you reading this were in church somewhere yesterday and there is that inevitable feeling of either "whew, I did my spiritual duty" or "OK, time to set aside the church stuff and get back to normal life." When I got home from Deacon's meeting last night I think I even ate too much as a relief mechanism – ha. But Monday is not the time to let down. In fact, Monday is the time to take that spiritual lift and put it to good use. I'm going to keep talking about what it means to be "On Mission" and today I want to make it very, very simple. We often use the 3 word challenge of PRAY – GIVE – GO! We refer to that as we think about missions around the world. We are called to pray for our missionaries and we are called to give to missions and then as God leads I truly believe all of us should also be going on mission excursions. I firmly believe that is something each of us should be doing and you have probably heard that challenge before and will hear it again. But I want to translate that into being On Mission right where you are.
PRAY. Are you spending time in prayer for your church and for your community? Are you asking God for opportunities today to be a witness and a minister as you go throughout your day? One way that I have begun praying for my neighbors is by signing up at www.pray4everyhome.com. Every day I get a list of 5 names of neighbors around me. As I pray for them that day I click on a link that signifies that I have prayed for them. Then the next day I get a new set of 5 names. If I don't click on the completed link I keep getting those same 5 names until I have signaled that I have prayed for them. It's very easy, but if you need help come let us show you how to do it. Let me assure you that your neighbors need your prayers. Your church needs your prayers. Your pastor needs your prayers. Be On Mission today by engaging your world in prayer.
GIVE. Are you faithfully supporting your church home through your tithes and offerings? I know some people would love to argue about tithing. Those people are usually ones who simply don't want to give generously from what God has given them. I believe God's word is clear about tithing. I also believe your church home should be where you give that tithe. I also believe that as God blesses you then you are called to give more than the tithe. I believe God gives us resources to share. Give to those mission causes and those going on mission trips. Share with those in need around you. Be generous with the money God has entrusted to your care. Fight that urge of materialism (liked I preached about yesterday) and seek to become a better giver. Can I promise that for every dollar you give God will give you two back? No. But I can promise that He will bless you for your faithful generosity. You will grow closer to Him and you will be more like Christ as you give.
GO. When I think of the word GO as it relates being On Mission I think of the Great Commission in Matthew 28:19-20. Jesus tells us there to "go and make disciples of all nations." The wording is really more like "as you are going, make disciples." It is a call to evangelism. It is a call to be a witness as we go. Each day we need to be sharing what God is doing in our lives. Some of you complain and say, oh but I'm too scared to share the gospel with someone. I understand that. Maybe God is asking you to invite people to your church. That's pretty non-threatening right? Or even less threatening . . . "Hey, on August 16th we're having a home-made ice cream party at a friend's house. Why don't you come with me?" Or maybe as God opens a door you can share what He has been teaching you that day/week. But that means you have to be growing/studying and you have to be open to be used . . . as you GO. Or maybe it's just a matter of sharing with someone how you came to Christ. It's not a one answer for every situation. But it's being OPEN to be used by God as you GO!!
You Are "On Mission" TODAY!!
P.S. Don't forget about our MASSIVE Parking Lot Sale (no, we're not actually selling the parking lot) this coming Saturday from 8:00am to 3:00pm. Come lend a hand or buy something or just come hang out. We will have food and water and good fellowship!